What an awesome retreat,”Dressing for His Glory”, written and taught by Sara. On our journey in the “PURSUIT” of excellence, we learned so many beautiful things. We began lesson one with the titile ” The Unfolding of the Rose” and we were asked if a ‘goal of excellence’ was worth pursing? This is a beautiful lesson filled with powerful scriptures. This lesson was an awesome foundation to build God’s garden.

Elizabethan garden photo by Debi

Lesson One’s objectives : 1. DETERMINE IF WE WANT TO PURSUE EXCELLENCE. 2. DEVELOP AN APPRECIATION FOR EXCELLENCE. 3. DEVOTE OUR INNER SELF TO PURSUING EXCELLENCES. These objectives made me stop and think “how does God see me?” Is God happy with what he sees? Am I working to pursue excellence or am I getting chocked out by the world’s weeds.

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(photo of Tammy&Wendy by Rena)
skit written by Wendy and performed by Wendy and Tammy

God’s word teaches us how to be excellent through Jesus Christ who was and is excellent. The above objectives make us accountable. #1. DETERMINE IF WE WANT TO PURSUE EXCELLENCE…… We have to decide whether we want to pursue excellence or not. Pursuing excellence is not going to happen overnight. We are not going to wake up in the morning and YELL Oh I’m excellent in God’s eyes I don’t have to pursue it any longer. No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s ongoing. It’s a life time pursuit. It ends when our heart stops beating and our lungs stop breathing. It’s a lifetime race. IT’S DAILY WORK!! #2. DEVELOP AN APPRECIATION FOR EXCELLENCE……. To develop. If we don’t research and study excellence, we will never develop it. This will take time and energy to study excellence and to learn to appreciate it. This doesn’t happen over night. As we learn about excellence and appreciate it more, it encourages us to work toward it. This appreciation drives us. It makes us want excellence. Of coarse, if we didn’t put time and dedication in studying God’s Word and trying to understand how to receive it we wouldn’t really care if we pursued excellence or not. #3 DEVOTE OUR INNER SELF TO PURSUING EXCELLENCE…. Devotion! Commit our inner selves our heart and souls to work for excellence. This also takes work. It takes focus, awareness and commitment. Why is this important? We are God’s garden, His children, His family, His church, His vessels, His army, His devotion, His pursuit, His development, …… He loves us. He wants the best for us. He wants excellence for us and He deserves nothing less than EXCELLENCES. #1 We must Pursue excellence for God our Father. #2 We must develop an appreciation for excellence. #3 We must devote our inner self to pursing excellence. Our Father in Heaven deserves Excellence.
Every lesson was so unique and beautiful, like every flower in a garden. So full of detail and information. Each very important and building on the one before. What a beautiful retreat and what an honor to be able to spend four days with these beautiful women of God. Each one detailed by their unique personality that God blessed them with. Each one using their talents and gifts for His Kingdom. Each one watering God’s garden with God’s living water. Each one on the pursuit to excellence. Praise the Lord!!! Now are we ready to dress for His glory and to pursue excellence. When God the Father looks at us what does He see and what does He hear?????

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