Skit from Retreat ’09

YouTube – thedailylily’s Channel

Wendy did it again with her creative writing! Tammy and Wendy did a great job portraying the life of a garden with its weeds and troubles! Check out this skit and find hope!

Also check out Dylan Ralph and some break dancing:

dylan 2
and Dylan’s poem:
graduation poem by Dylan

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8 thoughts on “Skit from Retreat ’09

  1. Thanks Debi for videos of the skit, dancing and poem. What a great way to hold on to the ‘sunny days’ of our retreat.

    When we pause and think of the multifaceted week we had with teachings, entertainment, food, friendship, fellowship and relationship with one another and with Jesus expanding into eternity, joy springs up, peace enfolds and love pours forth!

    Gems at their best~

  2. Yes, Wendy did a great job writing the skit. We all want to get rid of those weeds that “choke the life out of us”! Jesus is the answer!

    I so enjoyed Dylan “break dancing” for us, and reading his poem! What a great talent he has!

    Yes, I can say that my garden was truly watered at thedailylily retreat ’09!

  3. Dylan did a great job on his break dancing and reading. The volume on poem is low so read along as he reads:
    “The Road of Life”
    We pull out of the driveway with a destination on our minds, being guided merely by our individual roadside signs.
    Also others are headed to that one particular place, racing toward their own finish line, racing in life’s race.

    Whether driving in the light of a warm sunny day or the darkness of a cold rainy night, all have their destination in their hearts and minds with the beauty in clear sight.

    Family and friends will be there when you need them the most, but for all life’s obstacles rely on the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

    God is always there to lend a helping hand, for the Lord is the Rock on which we all stand.

    Wherever “The Road of Life” takes you, keep the memories we’ve lived with one another in your heart because the love of a friend will reach you no matter how far we are apart.

    Vincent Dylan Ralph, (c) June, 2009

  4. The skit was great, showing us how a garden should be dressed…weed-free and tied in perfectly with the Lessons. I loved the costumes, especially the roots…so original! Thanks Needles and chickenfarmer for performing it.
    And thanks to Dylan for taking his time and energy to share some of his talents….his awesome and innovative dancing and the touching and inspiring poem.

  5. The cleverness and wit of the skit was so inadvertantly appropos to the teachings in the Retreat that only the Holy Ghost could have inspired it. Thanks CF and Needles. It was a delight. When my friends here in Fl. saw a scene of Chickenfarmer & Needlesfrom the video skit they said…”Oh! They look like eggplants”

  6. Thank you for the above comments. I was only willing and obedient to what the Lord wanted me to write. I didn’t know what to write and I prayed to the Lord to help me. He showed me the whole skit including the costumes. I can’t take any credit. I would like to thank Mrs. Trumpet Lily (Needles). She is so awesome. I give her a costume and she puts it on. I hand her a skit and she brings the part to life. She has been a farmer, a bird, a bee and now a tiger lily. What a great skit partner/friend God has blessed me with. She doesn’t ask questions, she just does it. Awesome job Mrs. EGGPLANT Oh I mean Mrs Trumpet Lily 🙂 I have to say I was extremely impressed with Dylan’s break dancing and poem as well. Awesome job, Dylan.

  7. Chickenfarmer, pause and reflect on your being ‘willing and obedient’ to allow God to use you to write, cook and give, even in the midst of overload in your daily life. God was there all along and you almost got separate from His presence by allowing a near burn out to replace “Majesty.”

    Thinking about how close we/me often times come so close to missing ‘His Best’ (excellence) makes me feel queasy! And, I am sure I have missed His Best many times. But, if we are pursuing His Best, His Highest, Excellence, even if we fade for brief moments we can ‘sight our goal’ and go again. Right or Wrong?

  8. Yes, Sara, this makes me wonder how many times I have missed God’s best, because of my “busyness”, being overloaded, not connected, and I could go on with the adjectives, but I think we get the point. I want to remain connected and keep my thoughts, actions, and being, focused on God’s “Majesty”.
    CF, I am blessed to have a friend near me, who loves God, and will be obedient to Him. By the way, I think your costumes were very “original” and unique! Thank you, for allowing God to use your talent, for Him.

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