Happy Birthday Debi

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OOOOPS! This gift was only the door prize @Jamie’s house while making dolls for the “Christmas in July” project. The flowers are some of the many beautiful arrangements you, Debi, made for the retreat.

Img 1076

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“A generous man (woman) will prosper; he (she) who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”
(Proverbs 11:25, NIV).
You have refreshed many now may you Debi be refreshed today on your Birthday and all year long!

Happy Birthday!
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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Debi

  1. Thank you for this birthday remembrance and the encouraging, refreshing words. The daily Biblical exhortations, instructions and encouragement that The Daily Lily and the four Annual Daily Lily Retreats have provided have fed my spirit and given me daily energy to get up and go. I think this verse of the poem ‘The Watered Lilies’ – Earthen Vessels” from our books ‘Mid-term Exam, Lesson 7’ best expresses my sentiments on Sara, The Daily Lily and you Lilies:

    “His own hand had drawn the water
    Which refreshed the thirsty flowers;
    But He used the earthen vessel
    To convey the living showers.”

  2. Happy Birthday Debi,
    May your day be filled with blessings as you have touched so many especially me. I have so enjoyed working side by side with you – learning about plants and just getting the jobs done to beautify. I have enjoyed your decorative, floral design classes at Monroe Technology as well. May you be blessed as you have poured out beauty, annointed songs of encouragement, and knowledge of the WORD into the lives of many. May many lives SPRING forth for Jesus as you continue to water and share your talents God gave you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Debi,
    You truly do refresh others. The flower arrangements at the retreat were more than beautiful! The music you play on the guitar and the songs you sing, sure brings a smile to the listener’s face. I pray a special blessing, for you, Debi, on your special day! Thanks for all your input, hard work, (help for “aching” feet) and devotion. I hope your birthday was a very special day for a very special lady! God bless you!

  4. Thank you Rena for making time from your son Jon’s wedding day to express such special thoughts to me.
    And thanks to you Needles for writing your kind words and blessing after what I’m sure was a long day at work.
    May God richly pour into your lives His continued care and goodness.

  5. Debi, I’d like to take a moment to wish you a happy birthday. You are a beautiful, inspiration to all who know you. God has truly blessed me through your friendship. I pray that the Lord gives you, your hearts desires and blesses you. Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman of God.

  6. Thank you chickenfarmer, the blessing of friendship is mutual. Blessings to you.
    The fellowship of the lilies through this website and the retreats is a precious gift from God.

  7. Debi, Happy Birthday! It was great meeting you at the retreat. It seems like I have known you always. Hope your day was wonderful! It’s great to know someone who has such great passion for God and all his creation. God’s blessing to you. Your sister in Christ! Jamie

  8. Thank you Jamie. I am so grateful to have met you and to have been able to fellowship with you at Retreat ’09. I very much appreciated all you had to share, how you opened your home to us and meeting your wonderful family. When I think of you I just see your heart like an arched, open garden gate with a beautiful, welcoming garden beyond it. God bless you everyday.
    I look forward to seeing you on The Daily Lily and reading all you have to say.

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