Nestled among the hills of Virginia was a seemingly quiet farm or at least it use to be before an arrogant rooster appeared one day. From the unusually quiet farmyard came a squawking that had not been heard before. All eyes searched the yard to see who was making all that commotion. A rooster standing proud, making himself seem ridiculous but yet noticed nevertheless. Did he not know the only job he had to do was to go cock-a-doodle do in the morning to wake up the barn creatures and welcome them to a new day – a new day given to them by God

Why did he feel he had to squawk on and on and on. The hen couldn’t stand it. She wanted peace to concentrate on laying her eggs. She would just begin to feel the peace flood over her when suddenly the squawking began and she was so frustrated that she became too tired to push the eggs out. She was just plain miserable.
The cow who had plenty of milk to give, but the farmer could not get close enough to the cow to milk him because rooster would not let them milk him. Besides that the cow was so distraught by the incessant squawking the milk had a terrible taste.
The pigs were upset by the squawking, as well. If they could they would have given the rooster a roll in the mud. The rooster was at first oblivious to the negative reactions of his fellow barnyard roomies. When he found he was not getting the attention he desired he decided to hide his head in his feathers and say nothing. He did not do his job of calling up a new day. He did not squawk.
What was wrong with Mr. Rooster thought the barnyard roomies. Hen went up to Mr. Rooster, “Are you sick?”
“No,” said the roster. He buried his head in his disheveled chest feathers and refused to talk further.
The hen went to the cow and said, “Mr. Cow something is really wrong with Mr. Rooster. Please go to him and see if you can find out what his problems is?”
“OK,” replied the cow.
The cow sundered over to the rooster’s perch. He found the rooster’s condition as the hen had found him. Rooster, Rooster mooed the cow. “Just what is your problem?”
Go away and leave me alone, get out of here and chew on your cud like you usually do. Leave me alone! He buried his head in his chest again- shutting out any further conversation.
The cow went over to the pig pen. “Mr. Piggy Wiggly, stop that frolicking in the mud. Come over here, we have a serious problem.” The pig wet with a sticky layer of mud waddled over to the edge of the pen. What is it Mr. Moo Cow?
“Well we have a real problem. Mr. Rooster will not be our morning alarm clock and say cock-a-doodle do nor is he squawking in his usual disgusting way.”
He waddled over to the Rooster whose head was still buried in his chest. Mr. Rooster oinked the pig, “What do you say I splash you with a load of mud? What in the world is the matter with you?” No more wake up calls! Hey! You are causing me to be late for my a.m. feedings and you know how much I like to eat. Come on you – get up!!!!!!!! Your attitude stinks – bad!!!!!!!!
The rooster buried himself further into his chest.
The pig was so disgusted that he threw a big glob of mud at the rooster and turned throwing his nose into air giving a loud oink to finalize what he had said.
As the pig was going to his pen he came across Horse. Pig said the Horse, you must go speak to Mr. Rooster. I tried and my emotions took over and I got no place with that old bird. I quite think that it is time he was put in the stew pot. Perhaps I’d get a morsel in my trough, although I’m betting he’d be tough as dried leather.
Okay neighed the Horse. He galloped over to the rooster. He nudged Mr. Rooster with his nose – nothing happened. He nudged again. This time the rooster peeked at him with one eye. “What do you want?” said the rooster. “Can’t you see, I want to be left alone?” The Horse nudged Mr. Rooster until finally he spoke. “OK, I’m sad. No one likes me. I may as well not live.”
“What? What? queried the Horse. The only reason the animals have trouble with you is that you don’t do your job and then for the longest time you squawked and squawked causing us not to be able to do ours. You Mr. Rooster are off track! God gave you a job and you forgot to focus on that one thing. There is no excuse for your behavior, whatsoever! I’ll admit I should have told you in the beginning when you did that, and I’ll take responsibility for that mistake. Now what are you going to do? Why do you squawk when we are doing our jobs – what was behind that????!!!!!!!”
Mr. Rooster hesitantly spoke, “Well, well I’ve done some not so good things in my life. I really want people to recognize I have talent. “By squawking?!” “I just want people to notice me,” the Rooster bitingly replied.
“Sounds like a lot of anger to me. Yep, they’ll notice you all right! Most would send you to the stew pot and say good riddance now we can get our jobs done.”
“Anger! Anger! Yes I could peck through concrete, I get so angry sometimes! Yelled Rooster. I’m a bubbling pot ready to explode. What do I do with that?” “Take it to Jesus and the rest of us will pray for deliverance and for Jesus to give you peace of mind. Just do your job?”
Dear Reader, Rooster has a choice – does he receive the peace and do his job or does he end up in the stew pot? What do you think? We like the rooster have a choice in life to follow Jesus or remain in our self ways.
By Rena K. Oynes © 2003