“Mirror, mirror of my mind who is the prettiest woman in this land.” (Have we heard this tale before?)
Oh my dear said the Mirror, “You are ugly as ugly can be.”
“Oh,” cried the woman, “I must be perfect. I must look young. I must do something about this terrible mess called me.”
“I’ll straighten my hair, fix my eyes, throw out my old clothes, and fix my jaw line, buy a new house.” Why does everyone look better than me she thought?

She went to the doctor and he fixed her jaw. He pulled and cut and even gave her a tuck here and there.

Yeah! She thought. Now I’m pretty. She went to the Mirror. “Mirror who is the prettiest in the land?”
Oh my dear said the mirror, “You are still ugly as ugly can be.”
“What? What? You have the nerve to tell me that after all I have changed! yelled the woman. What is with you? Have you not noticed, I think I look rather pretty, look again?”
The mirror shook his head – no.
The woman thought, “Heck with you mirror. People will surely look at me differently. Yeah mirror, you just wait and see!”

The mirror replied, “I am the one who loved you from the very first day that I laid eyes on you, before you were born. I loved you when you sang to me. I loved it when you called me friend. What happened to you? You can’t even see my face anymore. Why did you stop to listen to the voice of your mind-mirror? That mirror wants you to become as lifeless as it is. I look at the heart, my child. Each time you have listened to the your mirror, that mirror has turned your heart to stone, which that mirror is. I do no care that you change your outward appearance. I only care and look at the heart. If you look and desire me and look really close you will see me reflected in you.
“Who are you?” asked the girl.

“I’m Jesus, have you forgotten? When you listen to the your self focused mirror you help no one. Your focus is on you. When you listen to me you are able to reach out in love and serve, you receive in turn love. When you do these things you will see me a little clearer in the mirror at each viewing. Now listen to my heavenly music, I want to play through you to touch thousands. Listen to my urgings to give a smile, pray without stopping, fix a meal, give a hug, or serve one of my children. I love you. I can’t shine through you with the your self focused mirror because that mirror focuses on self. Let me come first and I’ll put a light into your countenance that will warm thousands. I am the mirror that only reflects Me each time you look into it, nothing else will do.

Reader: Which mirror do you choose? Which one will show Jesus’ character? Why did Jesus say nothing else will do? If you choose Jesus to be seen in your mirror, how can you make his image more focused?
By Rena Oynes © 2003