I am teaching a Wednesday night class at church, Completely Free by Dan Strickland. Page 15 “Spiritual Awareness: Sin’s Corruption.” In this session we want to discover that when we suppress the truth, we separate ourselves from God; and as a result, we pay a terrible price.
The issue is especially important today because the average person does not associate the rampant evil in the world with humanity’s rebellion against God. The Bible teaches us that the result of rebelling against God’s truth is that we become more given to evil. The more given to evil we become, the more trapped we become in self-destruction behaviors and the greater penalty we pay in our daily lives as a result of this sin. Until we realize the root problem with mankind is defiance of God’s authority over us, we will continue on the path to ultimate destruction.

When God’s truth is suppressed, there is a corresponding degeneration of the morals of humanity. This is true whether it is an individual, family, nation, or world that is suppressing accountable to him, then the world becomes a very dangerous place where people devour one another and live only for themselves.”

WOW! As I taught this class, I was thinking ‘wake up Children of God.’ One of my friends was telling me about a doctor that he had heard about, who didn’t believe in God. When he died a beautiful angel came to get him and they began walking to this bright light. As they were walking the light got farther away and this beautiful angel turned into this evil wicked terrifying demon before his eyes. Arms began to grab him and pull him down into a pitt. The doctor cried out to God to help him. To save him. At that moment two glorious arms reached out and grabbed him up. He was revived and is living today. Hell is real. My friend also told me about a story of a preacher who was a missionary in Africa. He became very sick and died. He was walking toward the gates of Heaven when the angel of the Lord held up his hand and said “Stop you cannot enter this gate.” The man ask, ‘why?’ The angel said “You have unforgivingness in your heart.” The man remembered one incident when he didn’t forgive. He yelled out and pleaded with God to help him, give him one more chance. God rose him from the dead after 2-3 days. This man will tell you heaven and hell are real. Why do we act like they don’t exist? Why has God’s children gotten so busy with the world, that we forget our purpose, our obligation to the Lord? Romans 1:4-5 “……who was declared the Son of God with power by the resurrection from the dead, according to the Spirit of holiness, Jesus Christ our Lord, 5 through whom we received grace and the apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith among all Gentiles, for His name’s sake,……” Paul tells us we received grace and the apostleship. So what are we doing. Why are we so busy living our “christian lives” when our spouse, child, family member, friend neighbor, is on the road to hell? I mean, we study God’s word, we pray and talk to the Lord, we tithe our money, we go to retreats, we go to Bible studies and we go to church, etc. We live our Christian life. This is what we are supposed to do.

All I’m asking is what about the ones who aren’t. Are we too busy with our lives? Do we not want to get involved with all their “sin”, it’s too complicated to handle? Why do we feel we need to handle any sin, isn’t that why God is there? Are we afraid to help these people on the road to hell? Isn’t that what we are here for? Where is God’s soldiers who are ready to fight for God, no matter what? Who are God’s children? Can we tell if someone loves Jesus, in a crowd of those who don’t? Are we worried about lost souls or how much money we have lost in our 401K? Why have we lost our “God fearing” spirit? When we walk to the gates of heaven is the angel going to stop us and tell us you can’t go in. Why? You were to afraid, lazy, busy,… to reach out to the lost. Are we going to look down in hell and see our spouse, child, family member, friend, neighbor, etc… crying out in pain and being tormented? Are we going to have to join them because we didn’t fulfill our obligation to the Lord?

The big question is, “if we are ignoring sin around us while enjoying the benefits of the sinner, are we going to be where we think we are going to be? Heaven and Hell are real. So what do we do and where are we going?