I am posting this article NOT for political agenda but hoping all will say a prayer for our brave men and women that serve as the face of Our Nation.

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains – Times Online (click red to read their story)

I hope that as they serve we serve along beside them with our prayers of destiny, hope and love for each man and woman.

Heavenly Father, I pause with a heart of gratitude for each man and woman that serve Our Nation in the Army Forces. May they and their families feel a sense of destiny and knowing and understanding of their purpose. May despair be replaced with hope. May disillusioned be replaced with truth and may truth set them and us free.

Please pour wisdom into the Chaplains that minister daily to our troops. We pray for wisdom, strength, courage and hope for each one than stands on the soil of Afghanistan and feels a loss of hope and purpose.

Give our leaders, World Leaders and all that are capable of making a difference the ‘difference to make’.

We ask for peace for each family member that awaits the return of their beloved family member. Let our hearts warm to their hearts as they pause their life to await the safe return of their Mother, Father, Child, Brother, Sister, or other.

Please forgive any of us that have been negligent in our part to pray and or give in anyway. Let our prayers be heard by our merciful God that is full of Grace, wisdom and Hope.

Humbly in gratitude and thanks I bow to our soldiers to say, Thank You for serving. I bow to You, O Holy God and thank You for the love You poured out for each of us at Calvary. Be merciful to Our Nation and nations of peace people, I pray,