Prayer for the Brave

I am posting this article NOT for political agenda but hoping all will say a prayer for our brave men and women that serve as the face of Our Nation.

American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains – Times Online (click red to read their story)

I hope that as they serve we serve along beside them with our prayers of destiny, hope and love for each man and woman.

Heavenly Father, I pause with a heart of gratitude for each man and woman that serve Our Nation in the Army Forces. May they and their families feel a sense of destiny and knowing and understanding of their purpose. May despair be replaced with hope. May disillusioned be replaced with truth and may truth set them and us free.

Please pour wisdom into the Chaplains that minister daily to our troops. We pray for wisdom, strength, courage and hope for each one than stands on the soil of Afghanistan and feels a loss of hope and purpose.

Give our leaders, World Leaders and all that are capable of making a difference the ‘difference to make’.

We ask for peace for each family member that awaits the return of their beloved family member. Let our hearts warm to their hearts as they pause their life to await the safe return of their Mother, Father, Child, Brother, Sister, or other.

Please forgive any of us that have been negligent in our part to pray and or give in anyway. Let our prayers be heard by our merciful God that is full of Grace, wisdom and Hope.

Humbly in gratitude and thanks I bow to our soldiers to say, Thank You for serving. I bow to You, O Holy God and thank You for the love You poured out for each of us at Calvary. Be merciful to Our Nation and nations of peace people, I pray,


8 thoughts on “Prayer for the Brave

  1. This week at school I saw one tiny child after another bent over a huge banner welcoming back troops. The school is in hopes that 1,000 people would sign the banners and that it would bring encouragement to the troops coming home.

    We pray for those troops returning home after suffering under deplorable and life threatening conditions everyday. I join Sara in her prayer for the troops and would ask God to protect each precious soldier and give them courage – strengthen them in their inner being. Lord we ask for protection. We would ask that you give them insight that only you could reveal to them of the plan of the enemy. Lord we would ask that you instill truth into their being and that their hope will lie in you. We would ask you to bless each family represented. We would ask that you keep each person who represents the U.S. in uniform be under your watchful eye and that you would shield them. God may you bless them and bring them to the Hope of You. We thank you American soldier. Think you for protecting us and allowing freedom to reign in our country.


  2. I join my prayers also with “The Prayer for the Brave”.
    I believe that through this prayer faith has been trumpeted into the hearts of our armed forces in Afghanistan, Hope has been ignited, and Love has been served to strengthen and encourage those that faithfully serving our nation.
    Thank you troops and thank you chaplains. What you do has such great value and I am so very appreciative of you.

  3. Dearest Lord, we pray for our troops in Afghanistan, the young, the brave men and women who have given up an important segment of their lives to serve our country. My greatest concern is for their souls…for to have done a deed of bravery, putting oneself in harm’s way to protect others, and having given the supreme sacrifice of losing one’s life….that they would not be in Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ; to be lost for eternity just breaks my heart. Father, I pray that You would send Your Holy Spirit across the nation of Afghanistan, across the military forces there to infiltrate every heart, every soul with Your salvation and deliverance; to call to Christ each one; that each and every man and woman will have the opportunity to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives, before they leave this earth.
    Thank You for Your mercy and compassion on these young (and older) people who have unimaginable courage to allow themselves to be placed in such dangerous environs for patriotism’s sake…the sake of their country and others.
    Thank You Father, in Jesus’ Name.

  4. Yes Lord, I pray a hedge of protection around our men and women, serving in the armed forces. May they feel your love and comfort, as they protect America’s freedom. I pray a special blessing, for their families, and may they feel your presence each and every day.

  5. Last year Noah wrote an essay and entered it in a contest. He won 3rd place in the Edward G. Bond American Legion Auxiliary Unit 40 Americanism Essay Contest. The title of the essay that he was given was “Soldiers, Past and Present……America, Honor Your Veterans”. I would like to share his essay.

    Our Veterans and soldiers do many things to earn our honor and trust. They are heroes, they give to others and we do many things to honor them. They fight for us, even if it takes their lives. We should always respect them because they have earned it.
    Our soliders and veterans are heroes when they fight in wars for our country. They don’t even know who they are helping. They might not know my family or yours. Service men or women save friends, family, and many others. They are heroes in war and life.
    Soldiers and veterans give us what they can to keep us safe. They give us freedom because they fight for it. They give us their lives by fighting for us. May God bless these soldiers and veterans who give up their safety for the safety of others.
    Ever since America was a country, people fought for it, and that is why we honor our soldiers and verterans. We are thankful to them for dedicating their lives to protect and serve their country. We dedicate days, statues, and places as memorials to remember our soldiers and veterans. We honor these brave men and women because of their sacrifices for our country.
    Our veterans and soldiers have done nany things for us.They are so brave and courages that they have really earned our repect. Don’t you think that they have earned you repect.

    Thank you Noah. I do think that they have earned our respect and our prayers.

  6. I join with your Mother, Noah, in saying, Thank YOU! You are a very bright, creative, sensitive, skillful, and loving young man. May all your days be blessed of God and may you always walk in the path of righteousness. May your face shine, your hands be skillful, your mind alert, and may divine health always be yours.

    May the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart always be acceptable in the sight of God. You are special. God loves you and so do we.

    Great job on your essary and we join you in saying thank you to Veterans and soldiers that daily show their bravery for our Nation.

    We thank you, Gary, again for this challenge and reminder to pray for America. I humble pray even now.

  7. Noah! This is an excellent and totally appropriate ‘salute essay’ honoring our American forces, especially at this time and age. It seems many people have overlooked what you have so well written, about the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way, every day, so that we may have the freedom that is so precious to us.
    Every year our school does a big school production with the 4th graders. The chorus sings, the speech choir recites and the recorder band plays Amercian songs and essays. Then we present the veterans and active duty personnel who have been invited, with certificates of appreciation, thanking them for their bravery and faithfulness to the American people.
    It seems that you have captured that American spirit of freedom in your essay. I salute YOU for such an excellent presentation in bringing to our attention the very important job that the military people are doing for us.
    Thank you, Noah… God bless our Armed Forces and God Bles Noah!

  8. Noah, I believe our soldiers have earned our respect just as you asked in your well-written essay. They have earned it for many of the reasons you wrote about. I agree with you in thanking them and asking God to bless them. I also thank you, Noah, that you honored our soldiers by expressing in public writing your respect.

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