Moments of Joy

I love twisted potato chips? Don’t you? I had an opportunity to have lunch with my heavenly friends, @Panera Bread, one of my favorites.

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Of course, I like chattering friends at times but didn’t have them on this trip. I guess my angels wanted to entertain me so I purchased my sandwich, soup and chips. It was all good. But, as I sneaked a chip one at a time out of the bag, which I normally do, and finding only a very few twisted chips most often.

WHOA, this day, it seemed my whole bag of chips were twisted! Happy Day! ‘Moments of Joy’ as i snickered with delight at each little chip. Wonder what my angels thought of my delight?
All these years I thought I had been hiding my delight of twisted chips. Do you have a special or maybe secret ‘moment of joy’ to share?


7 thoughts on “Moments of Joy

  1. My moment of joy….wouldn’t you know it had to do with food, also!…although as a teacher of youngsters you can imagine the little joyful quips I hear all day long from these cuties….however, later for that. My really great moment is on every other Monday when the cafeteria at school serves the finest macaroni & cheese on the globe. Now I have had excellent Mac & cheese before. There was a mom at our school, several years ago, who would bring her mac & cheese to PTA luncheons, etc. And it was like manna from heaven. Susan & I shamelessly begged for the recipe and she finally acquiesced. But when we each made it at our respective homes we came back with the same conclusion….”she must have left something out when she gave us the recipe.” Yep! It never tasted as dynmite as hers tho we tried it several times.
    BUT…God in His penchant for delighting our souls created school ‘mac & cheese’ and it is absolutely divine. So on every other Monday our eyes light up and our tummies, too and a little bit of heavenly taste arrives on our planet. Can you believe it? At a School cafeteria??? Thank You , Lord for the marvelous little things You do for us.

  2. I like to watch the lightening and hear the thunder from evening storms while under the covers in bed, looking out my bedroom window. It gives me such a joyous sense of the majesty and awesomeness of God.

  3. Talking about food makes me think of desserts. I usually look at the desserts first. One of my all time favorites is nice fat sugar cookies. I like them plain, I like them hard or soft, I like them with icing or crusty on top. I remember making them with all the neighborhood children when my children were little. I like them for get togethers. I most like them right out of the oven. When I was little my Dad would sit and dip his cookie in coffee and spend talking with us.

    I think God loves these tasty morsels and has us take a break from life to fellowship with others or just be with Him and our tasty morsel.

    Another thing I like is changing of leaves in the Fall. Each evening when I drive home from school I can hardly wait to see how many more leaves have been painted by the pallet of God. It reminds that God’s creative power is in all he does is so majestic. Who can create such beauty? No one but God! Awesome!

  4. Oh Sara, I just love food in general, but that bowl of “twisted chips” reminds me of a recent account, myself. We have just had our annual fair leave, and I indulged, in the same kind of food! They weren’t called “twisted chips”, they were called “butterfly chips”, and I had cheese, sour cream and bacon bites sprinkled on top!!! Oh, and I shared them with a friend!!! What a “moment of joy”! P.S. don’t tell anyone, but that wasn’t all we ate, at the fair!!! heehee!!

  5. I love all the above. I love all the foods already discussed. I love listening to thunder and watching the lightening during a rain storm. I love sitting on a boat with a fishing rod waiting patiently for a nibble. The entire time thinking if I were a fish this where I’d be and this is what I would want to eat. Then all of a sudden you feel the jerking of the line. Not sure what’s on the line, you reel it in with excitment, you heart’s beating fast and overcome with joy, you finally come face to face with the fish brave enough to bite your hook. What an awesome time you can have sitting on the water, surrounded by God’s beautiful artwork. So much peace and joy can be found on the water with a fishing rod.

  6. Love your fish story, Chickenfarmer. But, poor fish, you are enjoying thinking about eating him and he is enjoying thinking about eating other fish. Now this is some fish story. 🙂 I know you love the thrill of the waters. Did you know that the Bible says, God’s voice is as the sound of many waters?

    Needles, your story certainly has made me eat more today! Might try and find myself a fair on this holiday.

    I love cookies also like the ones that Rena spoke of but not sure they give me a break from life. Maybe a hot fudge sundae would.

    MG, don’t forget you sometimes share your M&C with me. I love it.

    Debi, I must say strange happenings on your radar screen. But very interesting.

    All great stories. Today is Christopher Columbus Day. Wonder if he and his three ships of crew members told each other stories like this as they sailed the waters blue.

  7. I don’t know if he told stories but if he had everbody above bring their ‘moments of joy’ foods and chickenfarmer her fishing rod, they would have had a great time eating.

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