I realize that most of our knowledge is an accumulation and compendium of concepts, ideals and truths we have gleaned from the Scriptures, God’s teachers of the Word and life experiences. But the Holy Spirit has been making the following a personal revelation to me.
Recently, as I was driving to school (a 32 mile commute) I was praying and repenting for neglecting to put on the armor of God every morning, (Rom. 13:12; Eph. 6:13). When, I believe the Holy Spirit quickened to my spirit; ‘the reason you neglect to put it on every day is because you really don’t believe it will do what the Word says it will do..because if you did trust & believe you would be sure to put it on every morning.’ That was a ‘wake up’ call and I was soundly rebuked for which I am grateful. So as I strive to remember every morning to put on the armor, the Holy Spirit has slowly revealed to me the necessity, the expediency and the urgency of that act of faith.

Helmet of Salvation: to protect my mind, shape my attitudes, perceptions estimations, thought processes , deductions and reasoning powers by putting on the mind of Christ.
Breastplate: to guard my heart where the issues of life come forth; moral issues, rightness, the virtues of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness & self-control.
Belt of Truth: to speak the Truth (Word) and what is true; to discern the truth from falsity and fiction , to know the difference between fact and truth.
Sword: to have the Word of God at the ready to speak IT into every situation that arises,
Sandals: to sanctify my daily walk, my journey for the day, bringing the Word, keeping my ‘feet’ clean, my walk clean (making my feet beautiful in God’s sight and others’)
Shield of Faith: to trust, to believe and act on that because the God Kind of Faith covers me.
Rear Guard: the Glory of the Lord is my rear guard..so I will not have to retreat from the enemy, ever, but to go forward because the Glory is my covering.
Every day, the armor must be put on because the fiery darts are constant and the enemy
never retreats and never gives up, so we need a refreshing every day, every day. A few days ago I neglected to put it on because I was in a hurry and I regretted it because I made some MG decision s instead of Holy Spirit decisions which were detrimental and unhappily consequential to important relationships at that moment in time. I see the difference when I thoughtfully wear the armor and when I thoughtlessly forget.
Each day will bring a fresh revelation of God’s protection when we wear the armor of God and when we bold-facedly try to confront the enemy on our own strength. Thank God for the Armor of God that He has provided for us. What a comfort, what a help and assistance in time of affliction, distress and stress.