After watching the evening news today, I asked myself, “is the world in worse shape than when I was younger or am I just becoming more aware of its problems as I get older?”
I wondered if my dad when he was my age watching the Vietnam war, gas crisis and anti-war protest thought the world was getting worse or if he was just becoming more aware as he became older?
I watched and listened to reports of terrorists bombings in Pakistan, floods in the midwest, grandparents raising grandchildren in Florida, usually widows on a fixed income.
My thoughts about some of these events were indifference, I didn’t shed a tear for the families in Pakistan that lost husbands, sons, mothers and daughters to some disillusioned suicide bomber. I thought it was a shame that some homes were flooded. I felt sorrow for the grand-widows raising grandchildren on a fixed income.

After I turned off the TV the thought came to me, “America needs prayer. Will you pray?”
The truth of the matter is this the world needs prayer. It is selfish just to pray for America, but if I began to pray for my country with all of its needs maybe God will help me to pray for Pakistan and all of its needs. Maybe then I will a least shed a tear for the families in these far away lands that have had family killed by bomb blasts.
The statement was, America needs prayer. Will you pray?
In the silence God is waiting for my response. I wonder how long He will have to wait?