F utile
E nergy
A pplied to
R eal life

I am studying,” Esther-It’s tough being a woman”, by Beth Moore, at a local women’s community Bible study. Fear was the main topic today. I know that God’s Word teaches us to fear not, but I didn’t know that it was the most frequent commandment written. (did you?)

How many of us waste time fearing?? Beth asked us to think about this before we wrote anything in the blanks: “And if ____________, then ___________.” What would you put in the blank? (ie “this happens” (name it), then “I’ll be depressed, panic, etc”.) We could put a number of words in the blanks. Beth pointed out that what we fear the most, will be the very weapon the enemy uses to attack us over and over. Beth highlighted that the second blank should be filled in, with GOD or GOD will.

Esther was wise, she fasted and prayed for three days and nights, and asked her people to do the same, before she faced her fear. (going before the king, without being summoned)
Lord, help us to be like Esther. Let us seek and trust You, when fear wants to take us over.