When we suddenly fall and find ourselves hurt physically, we are at first startled and then in total disbelieve that an accident could happen in a split second that would change our whole day or days ahead.

However, there is something far worse in the spirit that can happen and if not changed could lead you in a direction that the Lord did not intend for you to go down. In fact it seems to entrap you when you are overwhelmed with life. It seems to happen when you are struggling to just keep your head above water in some area of your life or on your job.

This happened to me with a new principal, new staff, new class, new demands. Suddenly you begin to think of former days when life seemed a little easier. Perhaps the pace of the school was easier and you begin to miss the people at the former school. Sounds o.k. doesn’t it. Then you think about the church you used to attend and the wonderful time you had teaching children. You start looking backwards instead of forwards and you begin doing it a lot. You begin to look at all the prayer journals you have written prayer after prayer in and wonder if your prayers will be answers. (Mind you that you are not at this point looking for all the beautiful answers God has already given you.)

Then you begin to begin to be disgruntled with where you are now. If anyone feeds your scenario you swish it around in your head again. It is like Satan takes a big wooden spoon and whirls the ideas around and around. You begin to feel you’d like to run in the opposite direction of anything you are currently doing. You become dissatisfied with the future and wish for the past. Your mind thinks you are on the right trek – your thinking of teaching Sunday School again. This in itself seems godly. You convince yourself your on the right path. So what if you leave everything you have worked for years and prayed for years. So what if you leave friends in ministry. Satan is there convincing you its alright you are thinking godly.

Satan knows he’s now got your undivided attention. He thinks he has won. In less than two weeks he has been the victor with half truths.

Before you know it you feel like you are swimming in the wrong direction with a 150 lb weight on you. You feel the loss of God. You try desperate to get back to before when all this started. How can you get back! How can you get out of the whirlpool of self thought that doesn’t seem to want to stop for a second. You pray, you plead to get back to God. You are trapped! Or so you think! You find out you have to walk away from the whirlpool but how. You say in the name of Jesus I walk away from you Satan, what you are saying is an absolute lie. You may hear him say – really!? You say it over and over and over again – in the name of Jesus I walk away from you Satan you are a liar. You read the word and you play all the anointed music you can get your hands on and just sit and listen. You open up the promises of God and claim every one you read. Finally you feel and having a knowing within you that you are free of the whirlpool. You had gone from walking with the Lord to a sudden free fall that could have you going somewhere you would not want to go. You thank God and ask God never to leave you. You pray this will never happen again because it’s far worse than a broken leg or a bump on the head. How could this have happened so suddenly! One moment walking with the Lord and the next week suddenly pushed to a path of backward self talk, free falling at a rapid speed, out of control. Suddenly caught in the arms of Jesus reversing the swim back to Him. Praying never to go that path ever again.