“Finish what you started and don’t let your good intentions grow stale. You’ve got what it takes to finish your project, your program, your contributions…for you do it in the spirit of what you can do and and can give and not according to what you cannot. Let your heart regulate your hand”
This marvelous passage from 2Corinthians 8 is a wonderful encourager and pedagogue on Christian giving. One part of the chapter that really made me take note; “and God Who provides seed for the sower….that means He even gives us the seed to plant..and from it produces bread for our eating, as a result of the seed He’s provided for us to plant.. WILL INCREASE THE FRUITS OF YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS which are manifested and identified by others as YOUR active goodness, kindness and charity.”

It is exciting to know that God will increase us and the fruits of our righteousness and make them abound when we give, when we plead for the privilege of helping the poor; helping out someone in distress, others in need, those who are ill and need encouragement; the lonely souls; the unlovely; the forgotten ones.
Then He goes on to say that ‘this charitable,eager giving also overflows into many cries of thanksgiving and glorifying God for your loyalty and obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they will yearn and pray for you because of the surpassing abundance of God’s grace, mercy, favor and spiritual blessing that show forth through you because of your charity and generosity in Christ Jesus.’
How gracious is our Lord God Who, for our sakes, will bless us when we are prompt to distribute, contribute, donate, present and provide for others when we are so moved by the Spirit of the living God. He does it by INCREASING OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS!! That old adage is true. You cannot out give God. His promises concerning the giver are exciting and worthy to be pursued.
The Lord God loves a cheerful giver because it reminds Him of His Son.
So “Let your heart regulate your hand.” (Message)