Divine Photographer

I had lots of great photos taken of me this holiday season. Why? I have some very good photographers in my family. And, they have some advanced technology in cameras, lighting and editing. Good for the flesh to see flesh improve.

My outward appearance is not bad at all many would say. But, I have another Photographer in my life and He always has the very best of technology. He gives me photo snaps of the heart and soul. All my bright brilliant colors that I drape on my body and gadgets I push in my ears and hang from my neck and ring my ten fingers with don’t show on his photos. He also does videos quite well and they never show my frocks with my twisting and twirling for attention.

Jesus Christ, is the Divine Photographer. I am a model for His business. He follows me daily and snaps and snaps to show the World my Heart. As you pass around your family photos this season be sure to take a deep look at the photos the Divine Photographer has taken of your heart. Share those photos with family, friends and the whole world. They are the very best, hopefully.

How does your heart look? How do you look under your clothing? Are you clothed with the personality and character of Jesus?

This picture album probably will bore many. And, like my other photos at times give a little fright. I think we all like to share our photos and family success with all that will stop and look and listen. What about our Divine Photos, where are they?

28 thoughts on “Divine Photographer

  1. I had a dream earlier this week about someone who I know who says they are a Christian.
    In the dream the person was dressed in a way that typically that ‘Christian’ person would not dress like…short skirt, top, small, short sweater jacket…not at all age appropriate and. The person was dancing and twirling around happily (in the dream I thought ‘has she been drinking?’) in front of another person(s) purposefully.

    The person and behaviors in the dream sure reminds me of what Sara just wrote, …”my twisting and twirling for attention.”
    My thoughts about this dream and the blog are that we may appear to others one way but what are we really about inside? What’s our motives?Is the self grasping for attention?
    Sara asks the right questions: “How does your heart look? How do you look under your clothing? Are you clothed with the personality and character of Jesus?” They are penetrating questions but then God’s eyes are also. He has x-ray vision.

  2. Your dream is very interesting. I also had a dream this week of people twirling and twisting to show off their clothing. In dream I had a Q&A where I was asking questions that was intended to bring revelation of a scripture. When the answer was given it was not about the question but chatter and twirling. (dream was more in-depth and I could identify people and the outer wear, etc. _

  3. Some thoughts I had from reading Sara’s dream. It seems to me perhaps the people were more interested in their outward appearance than understanding a revelation or truth about God and something He wanted them to understand. But God is interested in the heart.
    “The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” I Sam 16:7

    Maybe it was an evil distraction prohibiting a revelation of God’s truth coming forward. Self exaltation vs God exaltation.
    Or maybe it was a diversionary tactic because maybe the revelation would bring truth about their own hearts and inner being to light. But scripture tells us God will discover it.
    “…would not God have discovered it,
    since he knows the secrets of the heart?” Psalm 44:21

  4. “Self exaltation vs God exaltation” Debi, what are the difference between the two? Would self exaltation be narcissism? i.e., a definition from dictionary: excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.

  5. My understanding of the difference between the two is that Self exaltation means self is on the throne of the life…in the driver’s seat…the object of attention and focus either directly or indirectly.
    God exaltation means the person is wholly focused and absorbed with God getting all the attention and praise and glory and having full reign in the person’s life.
    From your definition of narcissism, I would say self-exaltation fits that description.

  6. “Are you clothed with the personality and character of Jesus?” Yes, Debi, you are right….Sara has asked some “penetrating questions”, but they certainly cause one to search their hearts. I read a scripture in Matthew. (chapter 5:20) and I’d like to share the footnotes, for this verse. Read with me: “The Pharisees were exacting and scrupulous in their attempts to follow their laws. So how could Jesus reasonably call us to greater righteousness than theirs? The Pharisees’ weakness was that they were content to obey the laws outwardly without allowing God to change their hearts (or attitudes). They looked pious, but they were far from the Kingdom of Heaven. God judges our hearts as well as our deeds, for it is in the heart that our real allegiance lies. Jesus was saying that his listeners needed a different kind of righteousness altogether (out of love for God), not just a more intense version of the Pharisees’ obedience (which was mere legal compliance). Our righteousness must (1) come from what God does in us, not what we can do by ourselves, (2) be God-centered, not self-centered, (3) be based on reverence for God, not approval from people, and (4) go beyond keeping the law to living by the principles behind the law. We should be just as concerned about our attitudes that people don’t see as about our actions that are seen by all.”

    Thank you, Sara and Debi, for you blog and comments.

  7. From the footnote definition that Needles gives leads me to interpret my dream as “one wearing their heart on their sleeve.” In other words the heart issues are showing all over the place and I guess one does not see or does not care. HUM! Now, this gets me thinking with a cold chill running up and down my spine.

    More and More I am seeing as my family photographer was busy at work over the holidays so was my Divine Photographer. I think He didn’t even bother to touch up the photo. Wonder Why? Needles comments, says we may just be content to stay the way we are in 2010. Self-centered, do we know it or not? The dream I had makes my stomach churn with disgust to think, we could be invited to dialogue openly and learn about how God works in our lives and we take over and answer with self exaltation.

    Now what does one do with a dream such as this? It involved a group of people.

  8. Thanks Rena for the message from Pastor David Wikerson. It sure give me more chills down my spine. How we need to unite and pray as a Nation, community, church, family and friends.

  9. Perhaps we can get a better photo of what our heart looks like from what comes out of our mouths. The Word says that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So even though our inner man or our hearts are hidden from ‘pictorial’ view, we sure can get a pretty good idea of what it looks like by what comes out of our mouths in language, attitude, opinions, reasonings, proclamations and exclamations. Just say “cheese” cause someone’s always ready to snap a pic.

  10. yes, MG, your comment shows more of my dream, chit chat, chatter, and twirling. We are back to the ?, does one even know or care what they are saying or doing?

  11. I think something Pastor David Wilkerson said on the UTube video Rena recommended above may be part of the answer to: “does one even know or care what they are saying or doing?”
    He said, “Please don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’re concerned…when you’re spending hours in front of internet or television.”

  12. Needles gives us this scripture in her comment without writing it out. Well friends, here it is. Think on this for awhile… our eyes of understanding might just pop right open. Matthew 5:20 (King James Version) “For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

    In football talk, win this game or no playoffs. Win this game of no super-bowl ring. WE know what the conduct of the scribes and pharisees was and we have to do much better or forget about God and His Kingdom. I guess from this strong talk some of us, but hopefully not, might not have much more hope than the Redskins. Worst record in the league. Football players play for big big bucks but we play for big homes in the right neighborhood.

    I think the Apostle Paul understood this playbook as he stated run your race with purpose.

  13. Sara, Isaiah 64:6 says: “We are all infected and impure with sin. When we display our righteous deeds, they are nothing but filthy rags. Like autumn leaves, we wither and fall, and our sins sweep us away like the wind.”

    I can remember my grandmother telling me…honey, “our righteousness is as filthy rags”. I used to wonder what that meant, but I think I’m getting it??

  14. Read with me the footnotes for this verse in Isaiah: “Sin makes us unclean so that we cannot approach God any more than a beggar in filthy rags could dine at a king’s table. Our best efforts are still infected with sin. Our only hope, therefore, is faith in Jesus Christ, who can cleanse us and bring us into God’s presence. This passage can easily be misunderstood. It doesn’t mean that God will reject us if we come to him in faith, nor that he despises our efforts to please him, it means that if we come to him demanding acceptance on the basis of our ‘good’ conduct. God will point out that our righteousness is but filthy rags compared to his infinite righteousness. This message is primarily for the unrepentant person, not the true follower of God.”

  15. What a comparison for us to get a hold of Needles…”God will point out that our righteousness is but filthy rags compared to his infinite righteousness.”

    It makes me sing one of my favorite hymns, ‘Nothing but The Blood of Jesus.’

    1. What can wash away my sin?
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
    What can make me whole again?
    Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
    O precious is the flow
    that makes me white as snow;
    no other fount I know;
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.

    2. For my pardon this I see:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.
    For my cleansing this my plea:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.

    3. Nothing can for sin atone:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.
    Naught of good that I have done:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.

    4. This is all my hope and peace:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.
    This is all my righteousness:
    nothing but the blood of Jesus.

  16. It is wonderful that we are forgiven and can be forgiven. But, does this apply to not seeing and wondering around clueless?

  17. No, I don’t think ignorance or blindness is an excuse for sin. The work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in our lives is to help us see and not be clueless.
    “He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind,” Luke 4:18

    I think that if we are clueless and not seeing something is wrong with us spiritually. We are obviously not filled with power and being led by the Spirit. We need to face it and press in for a change and not be passive about it. Maybe we are blinded by sin in our lives or maybe we are not earnestly seeking God for wisdom, answers, direction and counsel.

    “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. ” Proverbs 4:7

  18. Debi has quoted Proberbs 4:7 “… get wisdom…get understanding…” Wisdom of God comes in a closet of high priced clothing in multi colors and styles. As I asked, How does your heart look? How do you look under your clothing? Are you clothed with the personality and character of Jesus?” This gives me the thought that I wear inner clothing as well as outward clothing. The inner has much more potential for beauty!

  19. This gives a whole new meaning to “under-armor”. I guess you could say that the armor of God…that is …the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of turth, the shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit and the shoes of the Gospel of Peace are the Christians’ “underwear”. We are to be clothed with the garment of praise. And the scripture says to clothe ourselves with Christ, with His character and demeanor.
    What we wear on the outside eventually fades, rips, unravels, tears, sags, bags, splits, soils and become passe,’. But the righteousness of Christ, Whose garment is incorruptible and never wears out, will never be out of style and will always be HIGH FASHION fit for KINGDOM LIVING.

  20. MG, I agree with the armor of God dressing. Yes, dressing in high fashion with purpose and power. The powerball jack pot just lost its lure.

    The only difference I see is I would not call it underwear, (ie,clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin.) I would call it inner wear (one’s inner life: mental, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, emotional) which is the real thing. It is the authentic and what is seen by the Heavenly Host and the non Heavenly Host. It shines very bright with lots of heat. I think for lack of really knowing just how bright and powerful we could think of it like ‘infrared light.’

    Infrared light isn’t visible because it’s beyond the spectrum we can see. That’s the heart of an infrared heater: The heat is a product of light that is invisible to our eyes. The reason we get warm from an infrared heater is because our skin and clothes absorb the light. You feel warm in the sun because the light that hits your clothes and skin keeps you warm, but when you’re in the shade, the light doesn’t reach you as well.

    Of course this still does not give the full meaning of dressing the inner man but it helps my thinking to go beyond the daily routine of dressing my body.

  21. Yes, I like that term much better and it truly expresses truly the “word’ I searched for for “underwear”. INNER- WEAR!
    You wrote, “Dressing in high fashion with purpose and power…” I am reading THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE by Rick Warren. Millions have read it, I know, but this year it has new meaning for me as our prophetic message of this very present age is PURPOSE. He quotes George Bernard Shaw.
    “This is the true joy of life; the being used up for a Purpose….being a force…instaed of a feverish, selfish little clot of ailments and grievances, complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.” Then Warren says, ‘Purpose always produces passion.’ That makes me think of the “infra-red’ heat that you wrote about above…that heat or light…that innerwear…the Passion of the Purpose. St. Paul says, “Let us keep focused on that Goal (PURPOSE), those of us who want everything God has for us…to do” (Phil. 3:15 msg)

  22. In studying a lesson from A WOMEN’s HEART by Beth Moore this a.m., I learned that after three days of thirst in the dessert that the Israelites came to a spring.
    They were thirsty, really thirsty. The spring was Marah. It contained bitter water. A tree (piece of wood) had to be thrown in the water to make it sweet for the people to drink. After 400 years in Egypt bitterness had taken its toll on the people. Only the tree (symbolizing the cross) made the water sweet.

    The only thing for us to do when faced with a similar situation is to take Jesus into our heart and drink of His water which nourishes our parched lives. The Lord purpose for our lives can then come forth and we become a garment of praise to our Lord. If the bitterness (sin) are not dealt with and if you do not take it to the cross and take Jesus as your Savior, your inner being will eventually show through as a diseased garment riddled with sin (death trap) that will lead to eternal death.

  23. I think when we are squeezed by pressures of trials, unpleasant circumstances, difficult choices, difficult people, etc our true colors show..the ‘deep look’ photos Sara wrote of above. If fear surfaces instead of faith, impatience overides patience, agitation replaces peace, complaining cancels contentment, etc, etc then we see that Jesus’ personality is not yet formed in us…there’s a roadblock somewhere instead of a yield to the Holy Spirit.

  24. MG quotes Shaw quoted Warren quoted Shaw above. And, since fashion seems to have made a way in our blog, let’s quote Shaw once again:
    “A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.”
    George Bernard Shaw
    Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 – 1950)

  25. Rena quoting Beth Moore above made me think of other quotes by Shaw. ie “Lack of money is the root of all evil.” George Bernard Shaw and another, “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.” George Bernard Shaw

  26. Debi’s quote above: “If fear surfaces instead of faith, impatience overrides patience, agitation replaces peace, complaining cancels contentment, etc, etc then we see that Jesus’ personality is not yet formed in us…there’s a roadblock somewhere instead of a yield to the Holy Spirit.”

    Now, this is some “food for thought”. Woe, I better check to make sure my “roadblocks” are all cleared! Thank you, Debi.

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