I had lots of great photos taken of me this holiday season. Why? I have some very good photographers in my family. And, they have some advanced technology in cameras, lighting and editing. Good for the flesh to see flesh improve.

My outward appearance is not bad at all many would say. But, I have another Photographer in my life and He always has the very best of technology. He gives me photo snaps of the heart and soul. All my bright brilliant colors that I drape on my body and gadgets I push in my ears and hang from my neck and ring my ten fingers with don’t show on his photos. He also does videos quite well and they never show my frocks with my twisting and twirling for attention.

Jesus Christ, is the Divine Photographer. I am a model for His business. He follows me daily and snaps and snaps to show the World my Heart. As you pass around your family photos this season be sure to take a deep look at the photos the Divine Photographer has taken of your heart. Share those photos with family, friends and the whole world. They are the very best, hopefully.

How does your heart look? How do you look under your clothing? Are you clothed with the personality and character of Jesus?

This picture album probably will bore many. And, like my other photos at times give a little fright. I think we all like to share our photos and family success with all that will stop and look and listen. What about our Divine Photos, where are they?