A Good Shepherd, I would like to share about a good shepherd,
I read about A Good Shepherd and the writer said, He has two very important qualities. One, He knows His sheep. He calls them by name. That is, each and every one of His sheep He knows their name and calls them by their name.

The second trait of this Good Shepherd is that He is wiling to lay down His life for His sheep. On a cross this Good Shepherd ‘dismissed His spirit’ exercising a privilege God, His Father, had given Him. He was both the Lamb of God who gave His life for the whole world and the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep when He was nailed to a cross. Yet, He lives and is known as The Good Shepherd!

His knows your name but do you know His Voice? His sheep have only one role to play in this relationship of shepherd-sheep. Know His voice and follow only His Voice and no one can snatch you from His care.

If you would like to read more about this Good Shepherd check out John 10:1-42 found in a very valuable book collection called the Bible. For a little preview from this book, read with me verses 27-29. “My sheep hear My voice, I know them. They follow Me, and I give them life eternal. They will never perish into the Age. No one will snatch them out of My hand.”

Do you know His Voice?