The stadium of life
Played out each day
Brings death to some and life to others
Both physical, emotional, and spiritual
Each person comes
Either presenting a mask so no one can see the true heart

The pain, the tears, the insecurities, the sins (realized or not)
That lies beneath
They come open and alive with no mask at all – real people
Who are not swayed by the World
Who recognize their sin nature

They stand for what they believe and try daily to walk in the Truth
They plot along knowing God is always there
He can hide them
He can instruct them
In right conversation and actions

He holds their hands and is the bower of their heads
He listens as Father and Lover of His Child
He speak truth and encouragement for all they are go through
He heals
Wraps his arms around them
Dries their tears

Bring joy bubbling up through them
He is the Lord of the Dance of Life
He is the one that sees beneath the mask
He is the one that says
Leave that mask behind

Trust in Me
I will be your partner come dance with me through life
When things get rough
Stand on my shoes
Daily I will dance with you
Draw near He says I want to hear your voice

I’ll carry you through
Do not choose to dance with another
For I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light
Rena Oynes