8 thoughts on “Don’t miss spring

  1. You are looking good girls! Hope the plants look as good……Enjoy! You have had a beautiful opening day!

  2. As expected ,it was a beautiful opening day at the Monroe Tech Center Plant and Flower sale. The offerings were beautiful and I got a mess of herbs… Sweet Basil, Curly Parsley and Rosemary plus a Jasmine plant. I am so excited to be able to look forward to watching the Jasmine plant bloom. I do not have a green thumb but God has blessed my living room with a lovely, sunny bay window and the plants love it there and thrive.
    Debi and her assistants have done a wonderful job to present healthy plants from gloriously blooming hanging baskets, to tomato plants to herbs and flowering shrubs. It is all beautiful. It invokes snathches of the hymn…
    This is my Father’s world and to listening ears
    All nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres…
    The morning light, the lily white….
    He shines in all that’s fair….

  3. Looking at these pictures and reading this blog brings joy to my heart and beauty to my eyes.Way to go Debi and Dorothy. Keep smiling those beautiful smiles.

  4. So good to see such smiling faces with jewels ready to spread, grow, and beautify.
    I hope lots of scholarship money was raised to bless the future horticultural students.

  5. Debi, I would love to have been able to see all the gorgeous plants and flowers. I have heard how VERY hard you work, EVERY year! May God Bless you and those that will benefit, from the money raised, at the sale.

  6. Many thanks for all the support, kind thoughts and prayers from all of you at the Daily Lily. Will get back with an update on scholarships soon…we will be selling plants left from sale for a few more days in May.

  7. Update on scholarships: we were able to award approx. $15,000 to college bound seniors from the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources department at the MTC graduation on June 15. The bulk of the proceeds came from this Spring sale as well as from the other plant sales during the year. We are appreciative of all the support.

  8. Congratulations for all that helped give the scholarships. And, congratulations to the winners of these scholarships.

    Really wonderful news to see students that are working hard and going on to higher educations. A job well done.

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