Thank You

I received this video and encouraging words from a former principal. “MG, I thought of you when i saw this and thought you might like to see it and perhaps use it. You are the best music teacher that Fairfax has ever turned out. Kay

How can a teacher be more blessed than this except to have her students sing this from a grateful heart. And, my students sure have that! Thank you, Kay….

Now, my daily lily friends I invite you to sing with me as well.
YouTube – Thank You Soldiers – Veteran’s Day/Memorial Day Song

6 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Thank you, MG, for sharing. I have been singing this song along with you. Kay sure has given you a compliment that you rightly deserve. Because of you, many children, will not only sing this song with a grateful heart but serve our Nation with a grateful heart.

    Thank you, MG and soldiers.

  2. Thank you, Sara. I am truly humbled by those kudos from my former principal and later professor of education at George Mason University, a prestigious college/university in Fairfax, Va.
    I found that elementary school children have a special and innocent patriotism for their nation. When they sing the songs of the USA, AMERICA; GOD BLESS AMERICA (which I also teach in sign language); O BEAUTIFUL; and the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, which I teach in the first grade, their little voices soar with pride and they put their little hands on their hearts or salute while they sing. It is quite touching and delightful to sing these songs with these little ones. I have the best job in the world and I thank God for that, every day!!

  3. What a wonderful song and gracious complement.
    I have enjoyed so many of the musical shows/presentations over the years that you and your students perform. And though I have never had the priveledge of attending, I understand the Veterans Day show is always truly memorable and moving as many veterans attend and are honored through the children’s songs.

  4. The above video is a great daily reminder to listen to and remind ourselves to give daily thanks and prayers for our soldiers in harms way.

  5. I so enjoyed the uTube song to our wonderful soldiers who together stand
    to protect the rights we have here at home. I can identify with children singing as each morning meeting at Woodlake Elementary began with song. One of my favorites was God Bless America. Coming from pure hearts the song always gave me chills just as this song has. We give thinks to all who stand together to keep this land free. What a well deserved complement to you. I like Debi have enjoyed so many programs your students have presented. Fabulous!!!!!!!! What wonderful training to learn to work as a team applauding each other on as they together or individually take the spotlight.

  6. MG,
    How blessed the children are, to have a gifted musician, like you. I have heard and seen you play, and you do a fabulous job. Thanks so much for sharing this video. I pray God will keep his protective hand, on all our soldiers and their families, at home.

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