Adiza is an intelligent 38-year-old woman. She has three children ranging from 5 months to 18 years old. Adiza’s husband is an electrician. For the past 10 years, Adiza has sold ‘minerals’ (soft drinks), pastries, and toffees. Adiza will use the loan to buy more minerals (soft drinks) and pastries. Adiza hopes to eventually buy a large refrigerator so she can make more pastries and sell them wholesale. Her future goal is also to provide her children with quality education.

Adiza is the leader of the trust bank group called ‘Allah Is Good’. There are 5 members in this group. The other group members are local restaurant operators, petty traders, and dealers in soft drinks and clothing. They plan to use the loan to purchase assorted stocks to grow their businesses so they can adequately support their families.Kiva – Allah Is Good Trust Bank Group from Ghana has a loan fundraising on Kiva

We made this loan today and two others.

We, made four loans sometime back and we have been paid in full. Today, we reinvested our monies into three nations. Berekum, Ghana and Guatemala:

Jose Antonio is a young man who is 22 years of age, single, and currently lives with his grandmother in San Martin Jilotepeque. In order to support his grandmother, he established a business selling mobile phones, computers, hard drives, and CDs. Jose Antonio graduated as a certified accountant and also performs accounting paperwork.

The loan he is requesting will be used to buy computer parts. His business is profitable and doing very well because he has customers who request his services. Jose Antonio dreams of growing his business and selling all brands of computers so that he can become a successful well-known entrepreneur in the community and continue to support his grandmother.Kiva – Jose Antonio Pozuelos Sarazua from Guatemala has a loan fundraising on Kiva
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As well as, Mongolia:Tungalagtamir Lhagviilhaa, 42, is married and the mother of a 19-year-old son. She and her family live together in an apartment in Arhangai province, Mongolia. Her son, Bulganhangai, is a university student. They have been living together in their current home for 15 years.

Tungalagtamir operates a pig farm with her husband. They have been operating their business since 2008, and have been steadily expanding their business. She has created another pig farm in a Tuv province as well. With her business profit, she purchased a car for her family. Over the past years, Tungalagtamir and her husband have been successfully operating their business and have built a loyal customer base. She is an honest and hardworking person.

Tungalagtamir would like expand her business and to be able to pay her only son’s university tuition fee. She is requesting a 2,600,000 Mongolian Tugrug (MNT) loan to expand her pig farm and to purchase more pigs for her business.

 Img W800 538139Kiva – Tungalagtamir Lhagviilhaa from Mongolia has a loan fundraising on Kiva