Camping 2010


Luke Davenport and Mom are enjoying camping at Camp Hatters, NC. We got here late last night. Luke being a good cub scout got our tent up. Look, Luke is making our breakfast. But, I am having to wash dishes.

Noah is in Asheville, NC for his first camping trip as a Boy Scout. Summer is here. Seasons of life are changing. But, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Thanks to all the lilies for their prayers for myself and my family. My boys had an outstanding year at school. God is with us and for that we pause to give Him thanks. And, thanks to each of you that prayed for us.

Hope all of you have a great summer!

adding June 22, Noah’s camping hut!

24 thoughts on “Camping 2010

  1. CF, looks like you have the job that most of us wouldn’t like. But God bless little Luke, I know he is cooking you a special meal. I pray the time you have with your son, will be a blessed and fun time. I pray that God will be with Noah, as he has this wonderful experience camping for the first time, as a boy scout!

  2. CF, it looks like you are in your element. How happy I am to hear the good reports of your children and their success. May God keep His hand of protection upon them. May they always walk in His counsel.

    Have a wonderful time.

  3. Thank you Needles. Luke and I are having a blast the weather is beautiful and we are hanging out by the pool. Luke is a wonderful cook. He cooked sauage and eggs for breakfast. It’s nice just to stop and take some time away from busy life full of distractions. Sara, maybe we could consider Camp Hatteras for our retreat. It’s awesome what a beautiful place. I know Needles is an awesome camper. We can hire Luke to come cook for us. 🙂 What do you think?

  4. Hey, CF, I like this idea for retreat. Now, first things first, I plan to be your camping buddy. That means you will put the tent up, right?

    How much would Luke charge to cook for 6 or 7 women for three to four days? It is three meals a day and lots of snacks in between.

    Rates are based on a party of two

    Ocean/Sound Ocean Sound
    Premier side side Ocean/Sound
    Date FHU FHU FHU Tent

    May 28 – Sept 5 $89 $78* $68 $57

    more info at:

  5. Mom, that means he resigned before he got hired. Now you watch that volunteering your son. What about you cooking? Let’s catch some fish. They do have nice fish there, don’t they? You are a fishing mania, are you not? You have a yard full of fresh veggies, don’t you?

    How many tents do you have, CF? I think my son has one we could borrow? Not sure of the size?

    We will wait to hear from the others on their willingness to camp!

  6. CF, while you are at Camp Hatteras, see if we could use a room, in the building that the kids did their crafts in. They may have a room for us to have our studies in? And if my memory serves me right, I believe the building is air conditioned?

  7. CF,Thanks for sending me the text pics of your bicycles and your huge tent. I think you told me it sleeps 8. And, you have anything and everything needful to charge phones, etc. etc. and run fans. You are one high top camper.

    And, you got your boat all renewed with its tower, etc. and ready to go in the ocean as of tomorrow.

    In August you get part of your vacation to go deep sea fishing to help raise money for cancer research. I believe you said a tournament. And, Brian,the captain will help you out. Best of hope for you and your team.

    Great that your Mom can come down with the boys and stay in your friends condo and be ready to vacation with you when you come in from your tournament. You are one busy lady.

    I am so happy that you and Luke are taking some down time today.

  8. Looks like you and Luke are having a great time camping chickenfarmer.
    I have a few questions about camping at the seashore.
    If it rains/storms at night do you just zip up in the tent or sleep in the car? Do you need to bring a lot of bug repellent or do they spray the area? Do you store your food in a cooler or bring a small refrigerator?

    Sounds nice about your renewed boat. Will your boat be docked and go out at Hatteras?

    It was great to hear the report on Luke and Noah. God bless them both!

  9. Needles, I think the room is about $400 per day from what I could tell from my conversation. She said call and maybe a discount. What do you think?

  10. Wow! What a lot of fun for you and Luke. I pray you continue to have good weather and a time to talk to God in the early morning and all through the day.
    I’m one of those that have to have a quick shower after a day on the beach. My family calls me a hotel camper. So camping on the beach would be a new adventure and new challenge. Looks like your in your niche though.

  11. Debi to answer your questions… When it rains we sleep in the tent. We do take bug repellent but at Camp Hatteras, they sprayed. We use coolers for food and drinks. We just drain the water and keep appling ice.

  12. Hey, Noah saw your hut and it was really cool. Looks like from the pictures you and troop are having a real fun time. Can’wait to hear about your trip in the mountains!

  13. Thanks chickenfarmer. It’s wonderful they spray and looks like campground has great ammenities.

  14. I have added Noah’s camping Hut picture above. Noah loved his trip. Thanks for your prayers.

  15. CF,
    I believe you said that there was no door to Noah’s hut. Wow, good thing no animal, in the forest wondered in to sleep with them. I guess the mosquitos aren’t quite as bad, in the mountains, as they are here? I know he had a blast!

  16. I agree, not sure camping would be the right setting for a retreat when focus is to draw closer with God in a quiet and peaceful setting.

    Camping has it place for fun and fellowship. Thanks CF for the idea.

  17. Camping is great fun, but it isn’t for everyone. Luke and I had a wonderful time and so did Noah. I talked with Noah when he came home. He told me that one of the boys didn’t own a Bible. Noah said he wished he carried a spare. He said another boy had a spare and gave it to the little boy without a Bible. He told me that the boys Dad believes in God, but doesn’t believe all the amazing things that the Bible says God did. It breaks my heart to see people decieved by Satan and his lies. I tell my boys that the Bible is God’s Living Word and it is TRUTH. One boy in Noah’s hut said that Noah talked all night about the Bible. He said he talked and talked. He said that Noah let him read some verses in Revelation. While Noah was at camp preaching God’s word, Luke was going to church with my parents sending out prayer request for his brother. Thank you Luke and Noah for being soldiers in God’s army.

  18. I said I agree with Needles, meaning I am not sure what anyone said except Needles, CF and myself. Always seems a little confusing to me.

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