8 thoughts on “Luke and I

  1. Great pics, CF! Looks like the weather is awesome! I know you are have some wonderful “mom and son” time!

  2. Luke is one good looking guy. I know he is having a blast in his penthouse at the beach. Bike limos are cool looking.

    I hope you are having much time to pray and meditate of God’s greatness. It looks beautiful there.

  3. “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed”
    (Psalm 139:16, NLT)

    Just think God knew all about this wonderful day Luke was going to have. And, CF’s, too. Not sure who was having the most fun all day yesterday.

    I sure hope the kids in Northern Va. does not see any of these photos! We are still struggling through end of school. Hot, humid weather and lots to do. I know the kids and teachers will be happy to break out of school in another week or so. Seems like a long year with all the snow we had in the winter and now hot humid….But, God knew those days for Northern Va. and other areas as well.

    And, may we pause and say a prayer for the children suffering all around the world. May we rejoice and bless those that are vacationing and offer prayers of safety for them.

    How wonderful that as Christians we love, care and share with one another and those of the household of faith.

    Thanks again, CF and precious Luke for sharing your big happy day with us. It just might encourage me to go camping!!!!! That is for the day, half day, maybe 1/4 of a day!!!!! Continue your fun today and stay safe.

  4. Oh the beach looks wonderful. I use to love walking along the beach in the early morning with my two sons. We would gather shells and let the water lap over our feet. Wonderful memories for them and me. Enjoy your time. I know my class of 4th graders would love to be on the beach and soon will. Thanks for sharing, enjoy and may God continue to bless you both.

  5. Luke and I had a wonderful camping trip. We thank God for the time we had together. We got to the camp site late Monday night. Luke and I quitely set up our tent and we even slept without our air matteras for the night (because the pump to blow it up is noisy). The next morning as we were coming out of our tent, I noticed the family beside us had many small children. I said Good Morning to one of the little girls and asked if we woke her last night. She said Oh no and thanked me for being so quite. I noticed the family sitting down around their picnic table holding hands and praying together. Luke and I were busy with our day. As I was packing up to leave on Wednesday morning, I began talking with the couple. The man had just lost his job and the lady was in school. He was telling me how God had given them the exact amount of money for their family vaction. He told me that after he’d paid all his bills for the month, God had blessed them with what they need. What a beautiful family God put in my path. Please, join with me in prayer for this family and others who our without work. God bless each of them. Thank you for allowing me to share our trip with you. Sara, you are more than welcome to join us on our next camping adventure.

  6. God bless America! Amazing to me how a man can lose his job, pay his bills and still have enough money to take his family on vacation and in safety! We stand in wonder at the priviledges afforded us in American.

    May God continue to bless America! And may America continue to bless others. For the word of God says, to much is given much is required.

    CF, we continue to pray God’s blessings of safety and health as you enjoy your summer and fun with your family.

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