Tree Planting Part II

Prayer Tree planting, Pea Pridge, in honor or Nicholas and Nathaniel Holton. Erick and Jon Oynes. Elizabeth, Phil and Chris Chaves. Ada Patrick Craddock, and Christopher&Tammy and Jonathan, my family.

100 2092-5

Hope to have many more tree planting days as we plant trees in honor of someone(s) we love and want to honor.

3 thoughts on “Tree Planting Part II

  1. What a wonderful picture of Needles. Looks like she is looking to the Heavens praying for her children. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You are right, CF, Needles was doing just that. We hope to do more and more of praying for our children, families, homes, churches, community and nation(s) as we walk by faith, build, share, love and give.

    It was an awesome experience to plant a tree to honor others. To watch a tree grow and watch how God moves day by day as the sun comes out, the rains come and the moon glows. God is in His place. Psalm 11:4 NLT) “But the LORD is in his holy Temple; the LORD still rules from heaven. He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth.”

  3. Take a look at some other prayer trees around the world.
    We planted 10 Crepe Myrtles from South Carolina. We are working to make a walking trail with rest stops and a view of a pond and our trees symbolizing, prayer trees to remind us to pray and learn more about prayer.

    “Crepe Myrtles are plants for all seasons. They flower in late summer with clusters of white, pink, lavender or deep red crepe-like blooms. (Ours are pink)

    In autumn, the leaves colour before dropping. Autumn foliage colour depends on the variety grown but may range from yellow and copper bronze or orange-red to dark red.

    The crepe myrtles have many good points, it has beautiful flowers and have flowers till autumn. These trees also get better with age, as the trunk develops a wonderful appearance and the bark exfoliates in summer to give a gorgeous look with patches of pink, grey and brown. During the winter months the beauty of the smooth silver and gold coloured bark can be appreciated

    It can be heavily pruned in winter to encourage the development of arching branches of flowers. Crepe myrtles can be propagated by hard wood cutting in winter or by seed in spring.”

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