Redskin Fans

What is thought to be; Albert Haynesworth spotted in
Reston Town Center: Jacksons Restaurant/Bar week night.
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Where should our players be on a week night before a game? Christian Fans lets pray for our football greats. They have the skill and they have the fame but do they meet out expectations? Or more importantly, the expectations of our Faith.

Albert, Jesus is tenderly calling you…..

4 thoughts on “Redskin Fans

  1. Our sports greats are already in a position to be “idols” for our youth. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were not only fit physically but spiritually as they serve as examples to our youth and to ALL who watch the sports arenas in our nation? Being an icon should not be a free ticket to a licentious life-style.
    Yes we must pray for our sports heroes that the Lord would prick their hearts. Why should it be that we allow fame to destroy?

  2. We need to pray for these atheletes and the influence they have on others. We need to pray for their salvation. I agree with MG they could be wonderful witnesses for the Lord.

  3. Lord I pray that our NFL players that do not know you as their personal Savior would come to this place. And that those that do know You would be strengthened and helped to live as role models in their faith and character; in their work ethic and their daily living, mindful of the influence they could have on so many aspiring players.

  4. I love the Redskins. I love football. I do hate the injuries that happen Sunday after Sunday. Week after week. I understand that our own Chris Cooley got a concussions last Sunday. Plus many other serious injuries around the leagues.

    I think we need to pray for sports for our children and families and favorite sport teams. Many of us enjoy watching and many enjoying playing. It is part of our culture that so many of us enjoy. I hope and pray for more safety rules, equipment and taking the ones from the game that intentionally injury another.

    Football as well as baseball and other sports are team sports and that includes the fans. As a team we can hope and pray for salvation as CF and MG said as well as morals, character and hope for safety and respect for one another as we play and watch.

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