Thank you, Lord

Are you having a hard time being thankful in your daily life? Start with something small, says Ruth Graham.
“For all these smallnesses I thank You, Lord:
small children
and small needs;
small meals to cook
small talk to heed,
and a small book
from which to read
small stories;
small hurts to heal,
small disappointments, too,
as real
as ours;
small glories to discover
in bugs,

When day is through
my mind is small,
my strength is gone;
and as I gather
each dear one
I pray, “Bless each
for Jesus’ sake—
such angels sleeping,
imps awake!”
What wears me out
are little things:
angels minus
shining wings.
Forgive me, Lord,
if I have whined—
it takes so much
to keep them shined;
yet each small rub
has its reward,
for they have blessed me.
Thank you,
Lord.” By Ruth Graham

I have always heard that it’s the small things that really matter. Ruth Graham sure has put these in perspective for us. What small things can you think of to really be thankful for?

16 thoughts on “Thank you, Lord

  1. I thank God for my “small” church…though not many in number, yet great in blessing, benediction, anointing, gifts of the Spirit and greatness of heart

    I thank God for my “small” students, little ones I teach daily. Little children, small ones remembering that….” but of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”

  2. I thank God for the small distance I have to drive to get to work each day, and for so many small conveniences from appliances to cell phones that help navigating through each day.

  3. Ruth Graham was an amazing women. I am thankful for Christian parents, my family, a home, a job and the sacrific of my Lord, Jesus Christ. I am also thankful for my friends and the Daily Lily.

  4. I thank God also for friends on thedailylily who are excited by life and doing for others plus loving the Lord. I thank God for a Mom who loved doing country crafts,
    from quilts, dolls, decorations (communion cup bells, crocheted bells and snowflakes, star ribboned balls, yarn angels). She loved to ride the snowsled down to the bottom of the hill all her life. She loved telling bible stories to children.

  5. I am thankful to come to the Daily Lily and see the pictures of my friends and their smiling faces each day and to be able to read what each one writes and shares.

  6. I’m thankful for JD my pug who’s loyal and a ball full of energy. I am thankful for a living room which can display all my mother’s crafts this season and the ability to gaze on them from almost any room.

  7. I am grateful and thankful for friends who pray for me and with me.
    I am grateful for the gift of playing the piano that God gave me, with which to worship Him in my church and that has made a way for me to make a livelihood.
    I am thankful for friends who have such lovely and gracious names as’ Needles and Chickenfarmer’ and my other lovely and gracious sisters-in-Lord, Sara, Debi, Rena.
    I am grateful for JD and Shadow and Lily and Cloud and Ranger. They are not exactly mine, but I feel like they are, (without having the upkeep and handling and baggie when going for a walk!!!) 🙂
    God is good to me!

  8. OH!!!! and Roxy!! I cannot forget that beautiful little lady Pug…Roxy. She is a southern belle of grandiose proportion, she is!

  9. I was shopping at Borders Books yesterday and they were playing Andre Bocelli’s Christmas album. I and others were shopping and singing softly along with “The Lord’s Prayer” among others spiritual songs.

    Then I went to Barnes and Nobles and heard them playing the same album. Again, I was singing along to “The Lord’s Prayer” and “Gloria in Excelsis”. I considered this an optimistic and blessed sign from God.

  10. That is good news, Susan. Some day, soon I pray, the whole earth will resound with Gloria in Excelsis Deo like it did on that first Christmas morning when Christ was born.

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