“For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven”
(Ecclesiastes 3:1, NLT)

Faithfulness brings fruitfulness!

God has assigned to us… Plowing seasons, Planting seasons, Watering seasons and Harvest seasons. When we are in the plowing seasons ‘The Holy Spirit’ brings light on life issues that we need to deal with.

We have just acquired a small lot in NC with sandy soil. It has been farm land for many years. We want to now turn it into a beautiful grassy yard with little flowers, trees and shrubs to beautify a building. It is laden with sand spurs ready to grow with a peak of the sun. I have been told by my brother, an experienced farmer, that it is plowing season and I need to get my land plowed to be ready for planting. And, he advises me to be ready very shortly to plant with a certain type of grass and then water in order to assure me of a harvest of grass and not sand spurs.

I know I do not want those sand spurs. They hurt badly when they get you. And, get you they will if you walk through or in them. And, if you don’t get rid of them with proper care you will have many, many, many of them.

It is the same way in our life cycle if we want a good harvest we need to abide by the farmers almanac from God’s Word and move forward. God has promised in due season we will reap a harvest.

As I process our little plot of land with proper care, help and advise, I ask myself some life cycle questions while walking through sand spurs. Do I want to rid them from my life? If so, plow them up, plant another seed and water generously with the Word of God. And Harvest from the good seed will surely come.

Are you feeling the prick of sand spurs? Have you ever felt them? Let’s be good farmers and help one another through seasons of life.

My Faith says, “Faithfulness brings fruitfulness!” Are we farmers?