As Egypt is heavy on our hearts especially at this time of demonstrations for liberty, the prophecy in Isaiah 19 that he gave from the Lord concerning Egypt comes to mind. It is an encouraging chapter about the future of Egypt and its people
I began to think about how God had raised up a great leader among the Egyptians, Moses, who cried out to Pharoah the words given him by the Lord God Almighty, “Let My people go.” Let them go from their bondage and servitude. Let them go from the callous idols and witchcraft practices that were polluting the people of God for hundreds of years.
Now, thousands of years later, Egypt is crying out, “Let our people go!”

I heard a report tonight from an expert on Middle Eastern affairs saying that although the attempt at democracy/freedom/liberty is a good thing there must come forth a “leader” who will help bring these people to the desired end that they are crying for. I thought how much like Moses, whom God chose to lead His people out of oppression and into Liberty. In the first section of Isaiah’s prophecy in chapter 19 he speaks forth the condition of Egypt and ultimately its future ….the end times.
This is part of a commentary on Egypt of ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ based on Isaiah 19.
“What is the future of Egypt? The Lord has much to say about that actually, and Egypt plays an important role in End Times Bible prophecy, in the days before the return of Jesus Christ; and Isaiah chapter 19, which describes a very difficult, violent and economically disastrous future for Egypt in the last days, and even worse oppressive leadership than it has ever had in the past….but there is also hope, there is good news — very good news — in Egypt’s future as well. The God of the Bible loves the people of Egypt. He is determined to get their attention and draw them into a personal relationship with Him through faith in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Hebrew Prophet Isaiah speaks of this divine love for Egypt.”____Joel Crosenberg
So it appears that what is happening in Egypt right now is the beginning of sorrows for them, (and not only them but eventually globally). Isaiah says in v. 1, that Egypt is a burden lifted up as the Lord rides in swiftly to deliver justice against the sorcerers, wizards and mediums. He says He is handing over the people of Egypt to cruel taskmasters (remember the Hebrew slaves and how cruelly they were treated in the book of Exodus,) Now they will be ruled over with an iron hand. They who are crying out for democracy and freedom will be led into a captivity within their own borders. Isaiah goes on to say much more about the stroke of the hand of justice of the Lord in righteous indignation. He says that Egyptian will rise up against Egyptian, and nation against nation and the leaders against the other leaders, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor. The waters of the Nile shall fail. This declares certain famine for these people, as the Nile is the source of their crop productions.
Recall that in the book of Genesis, the sons of Jacob had gone down into EGYPT because of the great famine in Israel as Egypt had food due to Joseph’s spiritual relationship with Almighty God. Now there will be famine in Egypt. All these things God has purposed against Egypt, says Isaiah 19:17.
But here-in lies the good news as prophesied by Isaiah that I want to pray for the Egyptian people. Isaiah says in v.19, “ In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a pillar to the Lord at its borders.”
I read a commentary that said that this had been accomplished in the late hundreds century but there are many sides and layers to prophecy and Isaiah goes on to say..” And it will be a witness to the Lord and they will cry out to the Lord BECAUSE OF OPPRESSORS and He will send them a savior, even a mighty one and he will deliver them.” That reminds me of what the expert said. They will need to raise up a LEADER to lead them out of oppression.
Isaiah…”And the Lord God will make Himself known to them and they will heed and cherish the Lord God and will worship Him.”
“ And the Lord shall smite Egypt, smiting and healing, smiting and healing and they will finally return to the Lord God and He will listen to theirentreaties. V.25. Whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, ‘Blessed be Egypt My people and Assyria, the work of My hands and Israel, My Heritage.”
So I pray what the Lord says about Egypt. Blessed be Egypt, God’s people. He will lead them out in due time of the oppression and they will worship the Lord God Almighty and He will be satisfied with them. Amen.