How does one get out of Egypt? What does that mean in light of the current events? Does the scriptures in the bible reveal the answers? Does the physical events represent what is happening in the physical world?

I do believe that the physical events (happenings currently) do represent what is happening in the spirit. We see a people fighting for freedom. Let’s take a look back in scripture to see the spiritual links.

When rereading the Exodus story of the Israelites plight of being enslaved/oppressed in Egypt and their final freedom after ten cataclysmic plagues which beset Egypt by the hand of God who used Moses to speak HIS words, I believe that Egypt story depicts our spiritual lives. With the final plague, the death of every first born who where not under the blood of the lamb on their door post, the Pharaoh was more than happy to hasten their departure out of Egypt. The Israelites has been enslaved and now were free. The Israelites were released from prison of Egypt. Independence Day for the Israelites. When I think of out of Egypt I don’t think of the country of Egypt but the enslavement of people to SIN who aught to be FREE from it. Sin twist people making them miserable. This might come in the form of enslavement to money, a person, work, TV show/s, shopping, alcohol, drugs or other grievous addictions due to sin. It is a “white elephant” that we are constantly looking at and tiptoeing around, and around, and around. We may complain like the Israelites, but yet we keep going around and around and around annoying others with our complaints that seem to go no where but around again. We are in a prison with bars that we hold onto and rant and rave. The only one who can unlock the door and let us off this merry-go-round prison is Jesus. He came just for that purpose – to set us free from the enslavement of sin. Jesus our savior and redeemer. His KEY WORKS everytime. God knew his son and knows that KEY OF THE CROSS leads us into God’s presence. He is the only HOLY ONE who can do that. God’s grace set this scenario up from the beginning of time because of HIS LOVE for us.

Now in Isaiah 19 it speaks of in verse 1 of “lord is riding in a swift cloud and comes to Egypt.” That is Jesus. He is coming again. Nothing seems to work quicker than bringing one to their knees and it says in verse 3. “the spirit of the Egyptians within them will be emptied out.” The sin will have to go. Bringing pressure and no where to turn the people who are enslaved will be flattened and have to come face to face with the living God. He will do what he has to do to bring us to this point. He LOVES all and wants a clean and pure bride. CLEAN up is hard, just like ground in burnt meat in an iron skillet lots of elbow grease is necessary. God knows HOW to C LEAN. It will hurt, you will cry out, but when it is all over you will be fit to used by God – pliable, humble and clean so when you are held up the reflection of Jesus is seen by others. You’ll wonder why didn’t this happen to me earlier in my life.

I think Isaiah 19 is telling us that time grows short. Pressure of trouble is on and will continue until all who are enslaved come to the feet of Jesus , look full in his face and say, Jesus I believe that you died on the cross for my sins and this key of death on the cross has set me free of sin (enslavement, oppression to Satan).