Integrity and Health

I, as well as my family, have had health issues. We have all been blessed with tremendous health care. This includes Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Spiritual and Emotional Support.

We have also been blessed with caring and loving family and friends that pray, give and serve.

Over the past months I have walked my mind and heart through a spiritual test to see if I have been honest with Doctors as well as my insurance company, others and myself. I want to walk with my physical health as part of my spiritual health with my mental health, which is the whole of my being. I want to be honest with my family and friends and all that I speak with.

If I were to start feeling pain because I heard another had pain and run and get a test and charge my insurance company would I be lying or stealing? If I were to have symptoms that I know to be serious symptoms and go to the Dr. and not tell would I be lying? If I were to go to a Dr. and tell a mental charge pain so I could get medication to ease my addictions would this be wrong?

I must say the counsel of others whom have walked the same road you are walking can help in so many supportive ways. But, then the ones that have not walked the road or no education in the matter but offers off the wall comments can leave you emotionally drained.

The Word of God has much to say about health, the body, the mind and the emotions. As a Christian this gives me hope throughout Eternity. Yet, if I find myself ensnared in a web of deception with myself and health care professional as well as family and friends where will my Eternity be?

Health Care is one, if not, the major issue in politics and finances. Health care is a major issue with The Cross of Calvary. Health care is a major issue with many that have none. How does my actions in all areas of my life help both sides of the issue?

As I Celebrate Good Friday and Easter, 2011, I hope to do it with INTEGRITY and HEALTH ringing in praise from my heart and mind and actions to A living God that is Risen. Yes, He is Risen just as He said He would.

Happy Easter to All,

45 thoughts on “Integrity and Health

  1. Isaiah 38:15-20 “15 But what could I say? For he himself sent this sickness. Now I will walk humbly throughout my years because of this anguish I have felt. 16 Lord, your discipline is good, for it leads to life and health. You restore my health and allow me to live! 17 Yes, this anguish was good for me, for you have rescued me from death and forgiven all my sins. 18 For the dead cannot praise you; they cannot raise their voices in praise. Those who go down to the grave can no longer hope in your faithfulness . 19 Only the living can praise you as I do today. Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next. 20 Think of it- the Lord is ready to heal me! I will sing his praises with instruments every day of my life in the temple of the Lord.”NLT. I am so thankful to have the Lord in my life who is ready to heal me. Lord, I praise your name! I’m so thankful Jesus died on the cross and sealed my health care insurance policy for eternity. I love you Jesus and I love all the precious lilies working for the eternal health care plan. Happy Easter to all!

  2. Sara, I too hope to celebrate Easter with Integrity and Health ringing praise from my heart and mind and actions to a living God that is RISEN!

  3. To face one’s own ills and afflictions or staunchly standing with and supporting loved ones who are hurting is a divine mission. To be ill and still keep one’s integrity takes Christian vitality and great trust in Christ Jesus. And to care for the and support the one who is ill, takes wisdom and compassion beyond oneself.
    A quote by Henri Nouwen about the “wounded healer” in Kenneth Haugk’s book, “Don’t Sing Song’s to A Heavy Heart”, says, “The deeper the compassionate one is willing to enter into the painful condition he and others know, (that desert of pain, loneliness, fear of the unknown), the more likely it is that he can be a leader, leading his people out of (that) desert into the Promised Land.”

  4. Sara, the word ‘deception’ sticks out to me as the key in ‘your question, “Yet, if I find myself ensnared in a web of deception with myself and health care professional as well as family and friends where will my Eternity be?” God the Father is not a deceiver. Jesus is not a deceiver. But Satan is… “named Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world”(Rev 12:9). So your question is a sober commentary to me on where our Eternity will be if we don’t recognize, act and get out of the web. Your blog comments are very soul-searching and show us the destruction of misplaced thoughts, words and deeds.
    “For there are a lot of rebels out there, full of loose, confusing, and deceiving talk. Those who were brought up religious and ought to know better are the worst. They’ve got to be shut up.” Titus 1:10 Message

  5. The Celebration of Easter and the crucifix brings us face to face with suffering. We have all seen recently so much of it in our own lives but the lives of whole cities, nations and communities.

    It warmed my heart on Good Friday to see the Pope taking Q&A for the first time in the history ( think on this ever in history) of the papacy, He agreed to take part in a programme in which he took questions from ordinary Catholics. “More than 3,000 questions were submitted of which seven were chosen and put to the 84-year-old pontiff. The ones that I read and heard on the news were all on suffering. Example:

    Q… a seven-year-old Japanese girl who was caught up in the tsunami about why so many children had to suffer in natural calamities.
    A…”I ask myself the same question,” he said. “We don’t have the answers, but we know that Jesus suffered as innocent children suffer.”

    Easter Sunday we partake of The Lord’s Supper at a table with fellow believers around the world. We eat and share stories with the community of believers. It seems it is so easy to quote from books and other leaders but fail to have our hearts conditioned to have a wisdom word to say.

  6. MG, are you quoting from the ministry that I asked you, Rena and Debi to look into for study, and maybe attending classes? Have the three of you gone over theses books and classes? Nice to hear this!

    This particular book you are quoting from is one that I used as a teaching guide a number of times when CCI (including the three of you) were ministering to others that were sick or had lost a loved one. . I gave all of you other materials to use to send out to others as tools to make contacts. Kenneth Haugk’s book, “Don’t Sing Song’s to A Heavy Heart”, says, “The deeper the compassionate one is willing to enter into the painful condition he and others know,..”

    I understand this quote now as I did then….the question is can one enter into deep compassion when the heart if full of self? I see that I need to dig into the pocket of my own heart and see how I deal with my own ills? The ill of physical diseases are one thing, and the interacting of heart to heart with truth and integrity are another.

  7. CF, thanks for the scripture of encouragement from Isaiah. My husband read Hosea 6:1-3 to me in our prayer/study time when I was recently facing surgery. I then found the strength to share with others as they walked a difficult path.

    These scriptures awaken my thoughts from yesterday in reading some of the comments that came after the Pope answered the questions that had been asked of him. This comment… ” If the pope thinks some questions have no answer how can he possibly be God’s representative on earth? Either the pope isn’t God’s representative, and someone else is, or God doesn’t know everything.”

    We can jump and quote and spit and sputter but God is God and He will do what He wants….God wants a personal relationship with us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  8. Yes Sara, when you suggested that we look into the materials of Stephen’s Ministry I sent for this book and one other. They arrived about 4 days ago and I am reading, now. I will share with the others as soon as I finish reading it. It is full of insight, as you know, but for blog readers who are not familiar with the precepts and concepts put forth by the Stephen’s Ministry, it touches the very heart of the afflicted and the hearts of those who are caring for them (caretakers) and those who care about them, their loved ones and friends and even acquaintances.
    No one sets out to bring more pain and confusion to one already stricken with and affliction, be it temporary or otherwise. And in his book Kenneth Haugk describes clearly scenarios that illuminate and show clearly mis-spoken words, actions and deeds and better choices to make when approaching one who is in deep suffering or pain.
    Thank you Sara for bringing this to our attention.

  9. Debi, your comment, ie, quote went right to the essence of the blog…” where will my Eternity be?” Deception, maybe self deception which has been discussed on this site quite a bit recently. Not sure I got anymore from your comment other than another scripture.

    Compassion when one is self deceived in like whip cream without the pie. Lot of fluff without the stuff….

  10. MG, I am not sure how your book report relates to this blog? Since you are giving us a spiritual teaching maybe you could break it down line by line and precept upon precept. Using the blog in total and questions with the answers from this book as you have given it to us.

    I really do not get the connection. I feel you must get it or you would not have posted a book review about something I thought was another issue.

  11. MG, what do you mean by this? I thought you just told us it related to what I wrote in this blog? Now are you saying, it doesn’t? This seems very confusing to me?

    What do you get from the blog? I personally tried to share thoughts from my heart to God and friends!

  12. In response, Sara, to the first paragraph,(beginning with, “over the past months”) since we are an integrated being if we are ill physically we feel it every where in our being. To be well spiritually, mentally and physically is to be well. Mental illness brings stress to the whole being as well as physical pain brings such stress to the mental in that things you enjoyed cannot be enjoyed. It is very hard to read beyond the most basic, non-challenging subjects if you have physical pain. On the other side you can have such mental pain that you cannot and do not want to hear, read or see anything. Spiritual illness manifested in falsehoods and deception may not cause immediate mental or physical trauma, but it is the root of many mental and physical illnesses. Even if one has seared their conscience to the point they don’t know they are lying and stealing it is a terrible illness of the being.

    In response to your second paragraph, if you invented symptoms to get the doctor to give you tests you did not need, you are not only lying, but stealing. If you hear another’s symptoms and adopt them for yourself just to get a medical test you are probably getting tested for the wrong thing and should be tested to see why you invent physical ailments. Probably the best appointment you could make if you do this is to see a psychiatrist. If you are guilty of this crime and have seared your conscience to the point that it is alright for you to tell a lie to get what you want, you are in greater danger than you know.

    In answer to your third paragraph, Job had three friends and one acquaintance that had a lot of advice for him. They told him he was sick because he had sinned. That he lost all of his property because he had mistreated the widows and the poor. They could not enter into his pain because they did not know his pain. If you don’t know what a person is going through because you have not experienced it, it seems to me the best advice one could give is to admit you don’t know what they are experiencing. If you have experienced the same than you are in a position to speak. I wonder why we think we think we have to know everything. It seems to me if we lived the honesty of our experience and expressed it we would be healthier instead of trying to tell everyone else how much we know. I think some one said, “it is better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it.”

    I will try to say something to your fourth paragraph. A blessing is given, that goes like this, may you be in health and proser as your soul prospers. Meaning, I think, that God wants us to be a complete, healthy unity. I think, he does not want us to live disjointed and fragmented. If we receive the health God has for us, we must start by accepting our position as his creation and learn from there.

    On health care, the problems are many, but I don’t need to add to them by abusing my health insurance benefits, by running to the doctor just because I want to run to the doctor. I think we need to learn there is a difference between what we call our “rights” and our “responsibilities”. I am responsible to use my health care benefits properly. It is fraud to misuse them just because you have them. It is fraud not to use them when you need them. It is responsible to learn what is appropriate.

    On Easter and everyday, a proper understanding of what God has done for us in Jesus is cultivated by going beyond what we know now and facing the truth we are not any where close to living in thankfulness for what God has done for us in Jesus. We don’t approach it in our words, actions or deeds and to think we do is only more evidence of the illnesses with which we live.

  13. Thanks Gary, for walking step by step with me through my blog of thoughts and wonder with wonderment. I am hoping to grow in my life as I grow through suffering. Thanks for walking with me in truth and integrity.

    I hope others clarify their comments so I can understand. Would so appreciate it. Sorry, I didn’t understand and maybe you can tell me why I am missing your points related to what I wrote.

  14. Sara, I don’t think I added anything new to the topic of deception than what has already been discussed on other blogs on this site. But was just a response to your question about eternity and the seriousness of the sin of deception and that continuing in it can leads to an eternity in hell. I think the issues you brought to our attention about health care and honesty are important and show us things some of us need to think about and change.
    Regarding the books you mention above, I have not read any of them yet(though Rena loaned me one today)nor attended any classes.

  15. 3 John 12 “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” So refreshing to read and take to heart the blessings of God’s Word. Today, is Easter, and i celebrate with the church the blessings we have been given through the work of the cross by Jesus Christ. I hope I have express my heart in honesty and integrity through the words of this blog and with my husband and others that have given from the truth of their hearts. I wrote this blog after reading the words of Dr. Fred Craddock, “I don’t know why Christians expect to be invited to the Resurrection Party when they never attended the Funeral.”

  16. Proverbs 4:20-23″…, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

    This passage helps me with this blog. I see as I have integrity in my interacting with all I have health to my whole body. I love this blog and I love these scriptures. I know as I walk through my healing it comforts me.

  17. Making a decision about one’s own health care, for which it is said that” each of us must be responsible for our own health”, is sometimes a difficult one. When one is feeling symptoms over a period of time or an acute attack of some sort but is unsure of the source…then it seems right to have it checked out when waiting any more might not be convenient. I am so grateful for insurance and thank God for it.
    As an example, in the beginning I hardly ever had to use my Health insurance but as I grow older more things seem to be needing attention in my healthcare regime.
    Thank God, as Sara says above, that our healing is dependent primarily upon the Lord Jesus Christ the Healer because He lives!

  18. As MG mentions, ‘growing older’…and this brings about the issue of Medicare. And, as she said, may need a lot more care as one ages. What a blessing Medicare has been to our nations’ older citizens. This is another major expense in our nation and a big line item on health care issues. MG also mentions pain and acute attacks…I don’t think that is a question here. I think all insurance companies would expect one to have that checked out. Also, it is wonderful to see how insurance is covering mental health for so many now. Our minds are a vital part of our health. Wonder when one knows to go for this care? As MG said pain and acute attacks for body what about mind? I am so happy MG to see that you know and understand how to do things in this area. That you feel your heart is right in this area. This is a great testimony for you and one to share with others.

    I see where the whole of this blog is about seeking wisdom for integrity of health. And, about my own journey. This is not another’s but mine.

  19. Sara, the name of the book I borrowed from Rena is called “Finding Hope and Healing ” by Kenneth C. Haugk. It is one of four short books in a series called “Journeying through Grief”.

  20. Debi, is this series that is recommended to send out to ones that have lost a love one. You send them out at interval periods during the first year of grief? If so, these are the ones our church has been using for years. And, they are great.

  21. Today visiting a Drs office I took great notice on how many forms I had to sign on privacy acts and release of records, etc. This really interest me in the light of how some of us in the church ignore all standards and broadcast people’s health records all over the world. Both Internet, marketplace, casual acquaintances. I though I wonder if this Dr leaves here and jumps in the elevator and starts telling about me. I don’t think so. Thank God! Wonder why Christians that you confide in for prayer would betray your privacy with advertising your health record.

    I just can’t get this other than gossip or backbiting. Would like to have help on this if there’s any to have.

  22. BTY, one of the brochures I was given was “Notice of Privacy Practices.” HIPAA! It says on the front cover,”This notice describes how health information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.” I am sure we probably all are very familiar with this.

    Do we understand what God says about other’s privacy? If not, or if so, let’s talk and help one another.

  23. The Bible let’s us know that gossip is a sin and is forbidden by God (Leviticus 19:16) and that we shouldn’t do it. Some of the things it tells us about it are that doing so separates friends (Prov 16:28) and betrays a confidence (Prov 20:19). There is no integrity in the person who gossips, “A gadabout gossip can’t be trusted with a secret, but someone of integrity won’t violate a confidence.” (Prov 11:13). God doesn’t want us breaking the law and if we reveal someone’s personal info or medical info than it’s pretty clear as Sara pointed out by the privacy acts that we are guilty of breaking the law.

  24. Debi, have you had conflict on when and whom to tell information to before? Or, does it always seem clear to you? Maybe easy for you coming from the vocation you have. I think at times we have some blurred lines, don’t you?

    I think the church should be willing to have some open dialogue on the integrity of health and other info. It seems even more important today in the world of technology. I know in many churches we are asked to give unspoken prayer request. Or, asked to pray for a friend or family member about a specific health issue. This could also include other personal issues, etc. I, like many other church members enjoy the prayer box. This being ones we can write a coded message that we know The Holy Spirit can read and it will go in a private box not to be read by humans. But, prayed over and in unity with the prayer we have written and requested of God.

    I have been through situations in my life and have so enjoyed the integrity of the church family. If times have changed and we need to change how we give info then I want to learn. Thanks!

  25. Sara,
    When I am not working and can be at church, I hear prayer requests mentioned and sometimes what the specific prayer request is for. As a nurse, I “cringe…so to speak”, because I am so in TUNE to “HIPPA”. Maybe the person requesting for prayer has permission? Or maybe it’s ok, in the church to talk about someone’s health, since prayer is being requested? I think you have brought up a very interesting topic, and I too, would like to learn.

  26. Proverbs says, “a man who controls his temper is better than one who takes a city” But I could add, “a man who controls his ‘ TONGUE’ is better than one who takes a city’ A person’s integrity is that which regulates one’s tongue or lips.
    But sometimes we have a piece of news or information that in the telling of it garners interest, attention, sympathy, empathy and focus on the teller. Many of us have done this at one time or another whether in our days of youth or even when we mature and should know better. But the allure of an “audience” whether a group of many or a group one, spurs us on to speak the unspeakable, under the guise that we are “SHARING” a need or concern. But to the one(s) who are the subject of the communication and according to the Scriptures, it is gossip, tale bearing and Christians must learn to refrain from this action. It is a sin.
    Many of us have learned the hard way by divulging a confidence and reaping the outcome of causing suffering to an innocent, already besieged other.
    Lord, grant me the wisdom and self-control to keep my lips, tongue, mouth and heart in purity and exhortation and not be a broadcast station of dishing out private information.

  27. Sara, I have had conflict ‘on when and whom to tell information to before’. It is not always clear to me. I struggle with being an effective communicator who can listen, process and respond appropriately and not speak out too much or too little information and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

  28. Wonder if the person who speaks in public so freely about another would speak about themselves in the same way? Or, would they be to shy or embarrassed to tell their story.

    Sharing another’s story is a very delicate matter. We should be able to ask for prayers for ourselves and others in the appropriate setting. I would hope that if the leader of the church service opens the floor for prayer request they would have thought it to be a safe environment. And, the leader would facilitate the meeting to keep it that way. It seems in all we do we are on an honor system. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

  29. The book of James instructs us if we are sick to call for the elders of the church to anoint us and pray the prayer of faith. And, I believe it wonderful to seek prayer from those we know that labor among us. I have many friends and family that have and are praying for me even now. They talk with me about it and give me updates and encouragement. Many times through flowers, cards, food and other deeds that draw us all closer together and to our Lord. And, I do this with many people. Look at the fruit. And, the fruit is an open book. Fruit grows on trees that stand boldly for all to see, dosen’t it?

  30. MG, you sure put a neon light on the bulletin board “…not about the one that really needs the prayer but about the teller.” If not careful, one hides and lies.
    I have seen children lie and hide thinking no one would know. Thank God for parents of integrity that teach and instruct children to build lives of great character.

    “let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven” NIV……Matthew 5:16 and NLT writes, “…Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”

    All of this should cause all involved to stand in the congregation and Praise Our Heavenly Father.

  31. Interesting note on little children who lie, knowingly. There’re times I have encountered a very bright, manipulating 8 year old so in practiced in prevarication that the child believes its own fabrication and falsehoods and often operates in denial to the detriment of the child’s own well-being. They remain unconvinced of their deception.
    I agree with you, Sara, in thanking God for parents who, instead of saying as some do….”I can’t do a thing with him/her” , teach their children morals and help develop virtue in their little lives.

  32. Each day I try to think how will my walk look through the divine eye of Jesus? Will it be blameless? Some days at my best in my eye of fear it looks wobbly….I remind myself that I don’t need to spend so much time asking God for favor as I do making my walk blameless before Him according to this scripture:

    “…The LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.” (Psalm 84:11, NIV) And (Hebrews 4:16 NIV) reminds me yet again, “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

    Hum, I see this blog does not give me much wiggle room!

  33. Not much ‘wiggle room’…I wanted to make sure I understood what blameless means. Some of the adjectives by the free dictionary: “innocent, clear, clean, upright, stainless, honest, immaculate, impeccable, virtuous, faultless, squeaky-clean, unblemished, unsullied, uninvolved, unimpeachable, untarnished, above suspicion, irreproachable, guiltless, unspotted, unoffending”… pretty high standards for obtaining God’s favor.

  34. Woe……..doesn’t look like ANY wiggle room, after reading the above definitions of blameless. Listen to the footnotes for the verse in Hebrews 4:16. “Prayer is our approach to God, and we are to come “boldly”. Some Christians approach God meekly with heads hung low, afraid to ask him to meet their needs. Others pray flippantly, giving little thought to what they say. Come with reverence because he is your King. But also come with bold assurance because he is your FRIEND and COUNSELOR.”

  35. Sandy on Finding a new normal, “Disturbingly, people can be counterfeit, too. I’m sure most of us have experienced one or two of those. We may have even pretended to be something we’re not on occasion. Just for effect. Just to ensure a particular outcome. The day usually comes, though – unexpected and with great surprise – when the fraud is uncovered. Sometimes it isn’t a surprise because we didn’t already know. Sometimes it’s a surprise because we thought it didn’t really matter that much.

    I’m a great big fan these days of authenticity. I value honesty and integrity in all relationships. But sometimes I still have to confront a counterfeit that creeps in under the radar.

    I’m grateful that the truth always comes out when there are counterfeits in my life. I count it as proof that the God who called himself the Truth is in it…” read in full

  36. Yes, Sara Psalm 84:11 does have footnotes. Read with me: “God does not promise to give us everything we think is good, but he will not withhold what is permanently good. He will give us the means to walk along his paths, but we must do the walking. When we obey him, he will not hold anything back that will help us serve him.”

  37. I would surmise that counterfeits, whether they be human or some inanimate object, serve primarily the purpose of the counterfeiter. Whatever the excuse someone might make as to why one is “faking it” is that it all boils down to selfishness and/or pride. For whatever reason one seeks to appease or satisfy the ego in the pretense. Whatever the fears of “id bruising” or the “kick” one gets from deceiving another, he/she still remains a soul in need of authenticity. And that has to do with submitting one’s “ego” to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who by His Spirit can remove the mountain of self that stands between truth and trickery.

  38. As many have suffered and are suffering through the latest tornadoes in the US medical care will be needed and is needed? Our helping hands blog speaks and prays about help for food, clothing and shelter. Let us join our prayers, thoughts, hopes and help for those that need medical and support in all ways to restore all back to health.

  39. With all that has happened in the Middle East in the last few hours, America’s attention has been captivated by all the astounding news. But I heard a plea from one of the governors or mayors in one of the southland cities of the USA, pleading for help. He said,’ please don’t forget us down here.’ I paraphrase: We are really hurting and we need a lot of help. Please don’t forget us.
    We continue to pray for the suffering southland and midlands right now who have lost everything, houses, furniture, cars, trucks, equipment, family members and some are losing even hope. But I hear many brave souls thanking God that they at least are alive and that with the help of God (and fellow Americans, I pray) will rebuild their lives, again.

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