I, as well as my family, have had health issues. We have all been blessed with tremendous health care. This includes Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Spiritual and Emotional Support.

We have also been blessed with caring and loving family and friends that pray, give and serve.

Over the past months I have walked my mind and heart through a spiritual test to see if I have been honest with Doctors as well as my insurance company, others and myself. I want to walk with my physical health as part of my spiritual health with my mental health, which is the whole of my being. I want to be honest with my family and friends and all that I speak with.

If I were to start feeling pain because I heard another had pain and run and get a test and charge my insurance company would I be lying or stealing? If I were to have symptoms that I know to be serious symptoms and go to the Dr. and not tell would I be lying? If I were to go to a Dr. and tell a mental charge pain so I could get medication to ease my addictions would this be wrong?

I must say the counsel of others whom have walked the same road you are walking can help in so many supportive ways. But, then the ones that have not walked the road or no education in the matter but offers off the wall comments can leave you emotionally drained.

The Word of God has much to say about health, the body, the mind and the emotions. As a Christian this gives me hope throughout Eternity. Yet, if I find myself ensnared in a web of deception with myself and health care professional as well as family and friends where will my Eternity be?

Health Care is one, if not, the major issue in politics and finances. Health care is a major issue with The Cross of Calvary. Health care is a major issue with many that have none. How does my actions in all areas of my life help both sides of the issue?

As I Celebrate Good Friday and Easter, 2011, I hope to do it with INTEGRITY and HEALTH ringing in praise from my heart and mind and actions to A living God that is Risen. Yes, He is Risen just as He said He would.

Happy Easter to All,