Spring has arrived;

Spring is always a welcoming reminder of renewal and newness. The months of a black and white canvas is replaced by a new pallet of color. Last year’s perennials, sent into dormancy at winter’s harsh command; slowly emerge bigger and better than ever. Where last spring there were three daffodils blooming, now there are five! Pruned trees push forth new growth. Bareness turns into beauty. Every rainstorm followed, by the warm sun breaking through, makes new blooms seem to magically appear. Spring encourages us to make a fresh start, plant a few flowers or a new tree or shrub…and push on

Img 2677double click to enjoy beauty

If you are in the Leesburg, Virginia area the next couple of days, join me in welcoming spring at Monroe Technology Center’s annual spring plant sale where you can purchase a plant and help a student start off their college career with a scholarship. And may you be blessed and experience a touch of renewal and newness as you stroll through the gardens and greenhouse.

Plant Sale 2Plant Sale 1

7 thoughts on “Spring has arrived;

  1. Debi,
    The flowers and plants are so beautiful! Spring does seem to encourage us to have a fresh start. Thanks for sharing your pictures! Wished I lived close enough to come and enjoy the sale!

  2. With the cold rainy weather we are having today the garden center looks like the hot spot to be. All looks beautiful! Just Beautiful! Hope you have an excellent show for Spring 2011.

  3. I was at the hot spot, the garden center, and what a place it was to be. So much beauty and color. I saw so many customers, as I was a volunteer, with wagons and carts loaded to overflowing. There were herbs, fruit trees, bushes, and vegetables of all kinds. I joined in and got tomatoes, hanging baskets, and red inpatients.
    What a joy to accessorize your yard.

  4. Right on, Rena. It is truly the hot spot. When I approached the entrance I had to wait until a parade of families with cart loads of trees, shrubs, bushes came through the door; little kids pulling carts of bobbing palates of colorful blooms and Dads hauling trees, just waiting to be placed in the ground. And Moms carrying drinks and treats purchased at the plant sale. The chili dogs are to die for. I wish I had one right now. And there were tubs of cold drinks to be purchased and enjoyed as one wanders around “Eden.”
    Excellent presentation, Debi I missed the tomatoes. Oh well there is tomorrow and Friday, still. Blessings on MTC Plant sale of the decade!!…so far….. 🙂

  5. Thanks Sara, it was excellent to see so many out for the first day of the sale. Thanks Needles…wish you could be there also. And thanks to Rena for for her volunteer help with the show and to MG and all those who visited and will visit and enjoy the ‘arrival of spring’.

  6. The sale went great, Sara…thanks for asking. Lots of people and many expressed their enjoyment to be out among the beauty of the flowers and plants. We have lots of nice plants still left so will be open from 9:30-3 on Tuesday and Thursday…still time to get your tomato plant!

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