Last week Sara challenged us to look into the Scriptures concerning lying and repercussions that are involved. Amazingly, I learned quite a few “new” things to meditate on and consider in my own life.
I could list the myriad of Scripture references here but that is easily done by Googleing or using a good concordance. But one that I will reference is that God hates lying. (Prov. 6:16).
I also studied what other noted Bible teachers preached about LYING and their interpretation of the Scriptures. The following observations are what I gleaned from the Scriptures and Bible teachers about LYING.

The definition of Lying is: a false statement deliberately presented as being true in order to deceiveor gain the advantage over another. To deceive or give an impression other than what is true or other than what the condition of a situation or a thing really is, or to mislead deliberately for selfish reasons, or to lead another into danger or a disadvantaged position or otherwise concealing the truth.
I learned that there one of the Catholic teachings list three categories: INJURIOUS: causing harm or injury. OFFICIOUS: little white lies to benefit self. JOCOSE: lies told for humor’s sake
Exclusive:This was an interesting concept: Not everyone who speaks a false thing is a liar IF:It is their honest opinion or belief…even if wrong…as they ignorantly or otherwise truly believe it to be true in their hearts. Though they are in error they have NOT deliberately lied to lead astray of deceive. They are sorely misinformed. (Though God has overlooked those times of ignorance, He now commands everyone everywhere to repent,) ACTS 17:30
NOT KEEPING OUR WORDIf we pledge to do something but have no real intention of doing it, or knowing that there is no way to fulfill what we have said what we would do….then we LIE!EXCLUSIVES:If we utter a promise rashly or in a moment of zeal without putting thought to it and realize later that there is no way that we can to that, it is not a deliberate lie on our part but a foolish gesture.The Lord says it is better not to vow at all than to rashly promise and not do it.
If some crisis arises in our lives and we are physically unable to keep our word
The intention of the heart is the plumb line that rules in the gray areas concerning lies.
A quote from SPECTACLE .ORG was very enlightening:
“When you lie to someone you know YOUR position but you give false data to the other person(s) and that obscures their position.
Before we declare a person a liar we need to make sure and judge by the Spirit that we can prove malice or intent to deceive. If not we will become deceived by suspicion and become liars, ourselves.