In a compilation of Charles Spurgeon’s works, DISCOVERING THE POWER OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST, I read a new and exciting ( new to me, anyway) attitude of looking at the Cross of Christ. Spurgeon calls IT, “ THE MARVELOUS MAGNET”. In this particular teaching, Spurgeon describes the work of Christ on the Cross in these terms. The attraction of the Cross is …the death of the Son of God and “it is to this shameful death upon the tree that He is able to draw all men unto Himself”.

Jesus said, “if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me.” It is only through the teaching of the agony and humiliating death that Jesus endured on the Cross, that the ignorant, the unbelieving, the rebellious can be drawn by so great a love. “All” men are drawn. But some resist that drawing even though the attraction of the suffering Servant , dying for our sins, is extremely powerful. It is only and primarily that our telling and speaking and teaching to men about the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus Christ that that is the magnet that attracts “men” to Himself.In a related vein, I heard a radio report that said that we are at the cross roads. I sensed the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘we are not only at the cross roads, but we are in the cross hairs and our only hope is to be AT THE CROSS’.