Grand Ole Opry

Debi, did you go to the Grand Ole Oprey last night? How was it? Some of us would love to GO!

Remember this news: ‘In May 2010, the Opry House was flooded, along with much of Nashville, due to the Cumberland River overflowing its banks.”

What is the status now? Tell us your favorite? Did you get lots of pictures? I know you are in Nashville for a school conference but this interest me more. LOL I am sure it is all good.

Let’s have an update so we can all see if and when we all need a grand trip to Nashville!
Img 2756
Img 2760

9 thoughts on “Grand Ole Opry

  1. Hey Debi, I doubled clicked on your above pictures. That is one big guitar. Guess you just purchased that for your playing?

  2. I wish! That would really make some noise.
    Yes, I went to the Grand Ole Opry last night and it was a great experience! In addition to a stage show, it is a live radio broadcast. Prior to the start of the show they showed videos of the flood and the damage to the Opry…water all over the stage and 1st floor so bad that it shut it down there and relocated to its former home, the Ryman Auditorium.
    Here’s the singers I saw…you may recognize them or be familiar with their music: Jimmy C. Newman, Danny Gokey (from American Idol), Jesse McReynolds, Restless Heart, Bill Anderson (Country music hall of fame),Justin Moore, Mandy Barnett (sang songs of Patsy Cline), Jimmy Dickens (90 yrs old and still singing and playing guitar). Who was my favorite? Hard question as they each were great and unique in their own way…both younger and old.

  3. Oh Debi your picture makes me want to go there. How exciting for you as you
    sing and play and have a real heart for ministrying through music. Wow! to be there with so many talented artist. So happy for you!!!!

  4. Yep. Debi, you fit right in with your love of music, the guitar and composing of songs. I am so happy for you that you got to see that notoriously famous center of music and entertainment in practically the whole wide world. Nashville is magic in music. Hope you were inspired and touched. God is so good to bless you with a visit to GRAND OL’ OPRY.

  5. Love the pictures, Debi! By the way, what kind of flowers are they, in the picture with the “Grand Ole Opry House” sign? I hope you are having a great time!

  6. Those flowers are so pretty aren’t they Needles. They are red and pink begonias making up that pattern. The colored stage lights and patterns the lighting techs designed in the Opry were also beautiful.

  7. Hey, I couldn’t even see the green or flora of the plant material because my eyes were green looking at the sign “Grand Ole Opry House” in gold. And, it said, come on in, Sara! Wheeeee.

    OK, the flowers were beautiful but I can see those in Va. and NC.

    How were the acoustics in the house? Do you think all the seats were good. Or, would you suggest a certain section if one have the opportunity to go?

  8. The theater had basically three levels to it and I was in the upper level (pretty steep) in the middle section with stage down below and wide screens on left and right to see what was going on on stage. It was easy to view left or right screen and still look down on stage. For fullest effect and for approximately double the price you could sit in the lowest middle section near stage and get the most effect of lights and view. I would avoid the extreme left and right sections for view in any of the levels because I am not sure if you could see the screens well from this perspective. The seating is bench style. As far as acoustics I did not test any level but the one I was one. I could hear well, but did wonder if I would have gotten a fuller, slightly louder experience down further. Overall, for the $28 price of the ticket it was a great experience.

  9. Debi, that was such a great opportunity….one that I am sure you will never forget. What fun and how great of the Lord to include that in your lovely package of experiences on this trip to famous NASHVILLE, TN.

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