Thumbs up to this House Beautiful garden that I recently visited.
The resident owner/gardener must surely have a green thumb to keep the summer magic flowing and growing. For non-stop color, self-cleaning hybrid petunias had been planted in full sun containers, several of which had stunning Alberta Spruces in the center as a tall focal point.

What impressed me were the perfectly full mounds of color….no leggy plants or bare places in these pots! Deck trellis’s sported lovely Alice Dupont Mandevillas with captivating pink flowers that could be seen from a distance as one drove towards the residence. In a shadier deck location was a beautiful repeat blooming hydrangea that didn’t look like it had ever stopped blooming and not a brown spot to be found on any leaf. For a functional finishing touch, there was a pot of assorted herbs just off the kitchen that was as lovely as it was edible. In-ground beds were planted with blooming shrubs such as pink knock-out roses, oleanders and trumpet vines. The list of beauty goes on and on. But this lush color and foliage doesn’t just happen by itself. For those of us who dream of a low or no maintenance approach to gardening with the same results, we better dream on. It takes meticulous care, planned routine fertilization and carefully monitored watering techniques to produce this kind of plant growth. This approach to green thumb gardening is a model we should all aspire to.
Some photos:

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