Recently, Sara took me to visit a historic church site, St. David’s Episcopal Church in Creswell, NC. I love to visit meaningful historical places and view the landscape and architecture as well as try to find out something about the history. There’s just something special about taking a walk into the past and then connect it to the now. Walking over the grounds and reading some of the tombstones, I thought of how many life stories lie beneath the grave markers of the oldest Episcopal church in the area.
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Sara recounted many names and connections to the surrounding lanes and fields and properties that I tried to picture in my mind by the telling. The simple, yet stately exterior church architecture and the wavy panes of glass were so captivating. How many hands had contributed to such craftsmanship? Where had they lived and worked? Which field or forest had the lumber come from? So many things to think upon. We tried to peer in the windows as the church was closed. I could only get a glimpse of the pews and wooden beams and wished I could have seen it all. From reading some of the epitaphs on the head stones I could know that many faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ served and died there. And over 100 years later I was privileged to be able to read about their contribution to God’s kingdom and pause for a moment and thank the Lord that such a sacred site is preserved to remind and encourage us today.
This church was built in 1797. I hope you will visit when you are in the area. They do have tours on certain days.
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