St. David’s Episcopal Church in Creswell, NC

Recently, Sara took me to visit a historic church site, St. David’s Episcopal Church in Creswell, NC. I love to visit meaningful historical places and view the landscape and architecture as well as try to find out something about the history. There’s just something special about taking a walk into the past and then connect it to the now. Walking over the grounds and reading some of the tombstones, I thought of how many life stories lie beneath the grave markers of the oldest Episcopal church in the area.
Img 2796

Sara recounted many names and connections to the surrounding lanes and fields and properties that I tried to picture in my mind by the telling. The simple, yet stately exterior church architecture and the wavy panes of glass were so captivating. How many hands had contributed to such craftsmanship? Where had they lived and worked? Which field or forest had the lumber come from? So many things to think upon. We tried to peer in the windows as the church was closed. I could only get a glimpse of the pews and wooden beams and wished I could have seen it all. From reading some of the epitaphs on the head stones I could know that many faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ served and died there. And over 100 years later I was privileged to be able to read about their contribution to God’s kingdom and pause for a moment and thank the Lord that such a sacred site is preserved to remind and encourage us today.
This church was built in 1797. I hope you will visit when you are in the area. They do have tours on certain days.
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11 thoughts on “St. David’s Episcopal Church in Creswell, NC

  1. Great photos, Debi, thanks for sharing. It’s encouraging to see and know that so many years later, one can visit a church and graveside, and read about the faithfulness of others, to Jesus Christ.

  2. Here is the phone number to schedule a visit of the inside: 252-796-7044

    This church, yards, fields and roads sure invoke strong memories of times gone by. O what heaven must be like with Saints far and wide gathering together to worship the One whom made our past, present and future possible with Joy!

    Thanks Debi for taking and publishing your pictures.

  3. A song just came to mind, as I was reflecting on this blog. It’s something like this….”may all who come behind us, find us faithful”. Debi, do you know this song, or who sings it? I’m not sure if this is the title, but I know these words are part of the lyrics, at least.

  4. Thanks Needles, I didn’t know the song but those words, “may all who come behind us, find us faithful” really burn into your heart and fit so well some of the thoughts I had as I read those church tombstone epitaphs and thought what would be written on ours.

  5. These recorded words on the history of this church sure fulfills Green’s song:
    “According to oral history, during the Civil War both Union and Confederate soldiers camped on the grounds and used the church for shelter and storage. Unfortunately much valuable church and local property was damaged during these years. They took the baptismal outside to water horses. Those closely associated with the church came home broken-hearted to find their property gone and homes damaged. The whole community was rendered impoverished by the ravages of war.

    Nonetheless the resilient people of Creswell persevered and rebuilt their community.”

  6. What hardship the people of Creswell faced. They were faithful and persevered through it all, which is the title of another song:

    They certainly had a lot of valleys and storms to go through in Creswell
    They learned to trust in Jesus and depend upon Him.

    What wonderful legacy!

  7. Needles, I LOVE that song and it sure speaks to the subject at hand, precisely. It reminds me of the Scripture in Luke 18:8…”When the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, returns to the earth will He find faith on the earth?”
    Many sturdy Christians who have gone before us had the courage and stamina to stay FAITHFUL when times were much harder than most of us experience, in these times and eras. They are now the Cloud of Witnesses, peering over the banister of Heaven that cheer us on to lay aside our doubts, pains, hindrances, worldly woes and keep walking forward in the Word of God and looking to the Lord’s return.
    It’s our turn to KEEP the FAITH and Spread the Word so that we, too, can leave a “wonderful legacy” as Rena wrote to those who come after us.
    What am I doing??? Sara once taught…”how will you spend your “dash?”

  8. Great song by Andrae but hard to sing and say I thank Him for the problems…..But, Andrae said we should…..

  9. My heart will always be at St. David’s. Six generations of my family have attended and served our Lord there from its early beginning as Pettigrew’s Chapel to the present day.

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