Back to School

What does “Back to School” say to you?

Books? Computer? I-touch? Or pencils, sharpeners, and notebooks galore?

Smells of cafeteria food? Sounds of bells and noisy halls?

Faith shared? Chitter Chatter of your summer details? Nerves a-jitter? Just what does “Back to School” say to you?

Fear? Anxiety? Stress? Or lots of Rest?

Back to School says to me; you have new opportunity to; “…let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:16 NLT

14 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Back to school says to me….’MG, you are being given another golden opportunity of opportunities to touch the lives of almost 1000 children every week for ME? What a harvest field!! Are you going to drop the ball? Or will you, as Sara wrote above, let your light shine before these precious ones and the teachers who teach them? Let Me know! Show ME!

  2. Back to school this year, for me, is certainly a new chapter in my life, and the life of my boys! My boys are now “high schoolers”! 🙂 I am privileged to be offered something new, at our school, this year. Every Tuesday morning, moms will meet to pray, for the children and schools. I was not able to make the first meeting, this past Tuesday morning, regarding this; however, my precious friend, Pam attended and brought me the information. It is called, moms in touch international. You can visit the website, and find out about it, @ Even though this program is new to our school, it has been around since 1994. “It’s in every state in the USA, and in more than 130 countries worldwide.” “The booklet has been translated in more than 48 languages.” I hope all will look into it, for your school.

  3. Needles, I pray before school with some of the teachers, one of which is an avid participant in MIT. They take their commitment to pray for our school and the children and the staff very seriously and I believe that that has made a difference in the demeanor, safety and growth of our students at my school.
    I pray for your wonderful guys. They are great kids ( but not kids for long, I know) and may the Lord Jesus bless their school year and their activities and may they keep Jesus Christ as top priority in their busy lives. May they be fruitful and prosper in this new adventure of being HIGH SCHOOLERS! WOW!

  4. MG,
    So glad to hear that you and teachers, in your school are being proactive, in prayer, for the children and school. It is very encouraging to know that there are committed prayer warriors. Thank you, for the prayers, for my boys as well.

  5. Needles, thank you for the link to MIT. It was very instructive and I see how productive they are in lifting up our children in their important, formative years in the classroom. God bless MOMS IN TOUCH.

  6. Needles, love the organized prayer group. It would be wonderful for all to be involved in some way with these prayer groups. I love the materials, etc.

    Looks like we are all going to experience the new in school this year. YAY!

  7. Back to school says change to me…change in faculty, staff and students. The tide moves out and a new wave comes in. I pray I, as a teacher, and other teachers can help effect change by impacting lives for Christ.

  8. What I like best about “Back to School” is new pencils and notebooks. I love the colors and designs that seem to crash the stores just about this time.

  9. By the Way, has anyone prepared for back to school for Biblical teachings? Bible Study, prayer group, etc. Would like to hear about some.

  10. Yes, my prayer partner at school, also a Moms In Touch active participant, has already contacted me, in expectation of our setting a time and day this new school year in which we will meet for prayer in my classroom. The power behind this kind of prayer is the Holy Spirit wherein we ask Him to lead and guide that essential prayer time that is so precious and vital for a secure, productive, and most importantly, spiritual opportunity to touch these students in our classrooms every day.
    I thank God for the privilege of being able to pray, before class n our rooms at school.

  11. Back to school means to me that I will be seeing children all over Loudoun County.
    When I was teaching on a regular bases this ministry prayed for my classroom every year. Children were always touched and years later they would reach me and tell me what a difference the class made. Two college students summed it up in these words, “Wisdom words for life.” I know they came from the team praying and the mentoring words of Sara, our church leader.

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