Bible Study Starts;

The Women in Discipleship, Community Bible Studies held at Historic Episcopal Church, W Gale St. Edenton, NC. Thursdays, 9 am to 11 am. Women of all ages are invited. Mothers bring your little ones as nursery is provided.
For more information email:
Missie Harrell

Look what The Daily Lily ladies created with their art and artistic skills from Leesburg, Va to join with us in Edenton, NC. for ‘Fall Back to Bible Study.’

“Your grace flows down and covers us. It covers us, It covers us, Yes, It covers me and you.”

.0915110656A(click to enlarge)
0915111311(click to enlarge)
“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news, the good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!” Isaiah 52:7
0915110656(click to enlarge)
Note: The Women in Discipleship is offering the option of two different studies. 1) Beth Moore, on “Revelation”, 2) Erilynne Barnum, “The Call to Discipleship.”

I will be in the Erilynne Barnum study. Hope to see you next Thursday for the first study. Bring your Bible and Journal. Look @mine that matches my bag from the lilies.
0915111440(Click to enlarge)

9 thoughts on “Bible Study Starts;

  1. Oh, I just thank the Lillies for blessing me with these items. This morning as I pulled it all out, my son Nathaniel just loved the shoes. He even said, “they make you look young.” 🙂 He asked if I wanted him to lace them up, and I said “yes, of course. He wanted to know how I wanted them laced and I told him to lace them however he wanted to. He chose one black shoe lace and one pink lace….so darling.

  2. Both Nicholas and Nathaniel were so impressed with how talented Rena could paint, Debi could print those cards with my name on it, and MG’s style of matching the socks to the shoes! They told me it was ok for me to even wear it to their football game tonight!

  3. I am astound at the beauty of the artistic skill of the lilies from Leesburg, VA., Rena, Debi and MG. The love of giving and sharing. The excitement of ‘Back to Bible Study/School.’ New places and new faces.

    I also much love the writings, teachings and encouragement we receive as we daily visit this site and share our hearts. Pray for one another while working, helping and sharing. Hope all will join in and write with the words God has placed in your hand.

  4. Love your style, Nathaniel! Can you lace my shoes? I want to look young to.

    BTY, how did Mom look at the football game? She sure looks great in this pic….

  5. Wow, Needles…You sure give the “lilies of the field” a run for their money! You look dynamite. Lots of my precious students, girls and boys, wear their sneakers with two different shoe laces. Since they sit before me on risers I get to see a myriad of multicolored shoe laces….so your Nathaniel is right in style with his choices.
    May the anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Counselor, the Holy Spirit guide you as you study the Bible with precious sisters of like faith. God bless you. You have these lilies rooting for you all.

  6. Oh Needles you look beautiful and ready to see the group you facilitate unfold into the beautiful rose he has created each one to be. Praying that God will work in your mist with JOY to see each other blossom.

  7. I have been listening to Erilynn Barnum online. Whoa! I hope to join this study by following along with you, Needles and online. Thanks to Edenton Women in Disciplineship for introducing me to EB. Love her! Wish I lived a tad bit closer so I could join in person.

    Hope you and others from study will give us updates.

  8. My prayers are with you, Needles, and Women in Discipleship today on your first day of study. What do you have to tell us?

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