Heavenly Father, I pray for Your Great Wisdom to speak and do. I pray for inner peace that propels me to do right and to show Your Light. Ugliness does not grow on Your Tree but happiness, joy and peace among other great ripe fruit. Please place more than a bar of steel between me and anyone that wants bad to be my lot in life.

I ask for goodness, graciousness and mercy. May I be a receiver of both mercy and grace that pours from The Eternal.

Grant my tongue to walk-talk like a gentle lamb and my actions to graze upon the hills that produce a place for my eyes to go upward and not downward. Keep me from temptations that try to overcome me. Help me to forgive those that do evil against me and use their raw energy against me to enhance my energy with fire to move fast among the creative good gifts that you have bestowed upon me to use for good.

“I often think of the heavens your hands have made,
and of the moon and stars you put in place.
Then I ask, “Why do you care about us humans?
Why are you concerned for us weaklings?” Psalm 8:3-4 (CEV)