15 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Praise God to see the LILY up once more and we’re again able to share the Word of God with those who come to read and comment on thedailylily.com. What a lovely Valentine gift.
    Thank all who labored in returning our LILY to cyberspace.

  2. Yes, Sara, that comment was not lost on me…..Yes, you are (re)new and improved and lovely and Happy valentine’s day to you, the webmaster of the new & improved. Our new staging looks like a VALENTINE.

  3. Oh, and the beauty of the Webmaster, Sara?? Would you agree with me on that, Rena?? 🙂
    And I too thank Chris for his labor of love in erecting this site for us to put the Word and Love of God out to our readers and contributors.

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