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  1. Very encouraging! Hope I am the one who faces the valleys or lessons of life with courage – certainly don’t want to face them again. I would think that it is not easy as it seems some lessons I’ve failed and have to repeat and repeat.

  2. It seems to me from the quote that facing painful history, which is something that occurred in the past, involves stopping; doing an about face; and determining the what, why and how of the pain. That in itself, to me, takes courage. It may be easier in the short term to keep our backs turned and not deal with it, but from reading the quote, that choice doesn’t sound like it will produce any change.

      1. Like trying to pull my own rotten teeth! This though comes to my mind; if I don’t get the *rot out of my teeth “…there shall be weeping and *2gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:11-12).

        * cause to decay : caries sets in at a weak point and spreads to rot the whole tooth.
        • figurative gradually deteriorate through lack of attention or opportunity.

        *2 to do with anger and hatred. They were like angry growling animals about to devour their prey.

  3. I think the “courage” to face the next ‘crisis’ in our lives it the courage to believe and trust the the Lord Jesus has everything in control. Our devotional for February 16, in JESUS CALLING, says …”Some of MY greatest works in My Kingdom have been done from sick bed and prison cells.”
    Joseph and Paul come to mind, immediately. So we can have total confidence that we can face anything that we must face with confidence that the Lord will see us through it. And if so, we may not have to pass that way again…..(unless of course we want to!!!)

    1. i imagine the Lord wouldn’t say it in this fashion but… after the comment I wrote on 2/16…about facing the next “crisis” in my life with the courage to believe and trust in the Lord, that He has everything in control.” (quoting myself from Jesus Calling). Quite big talk. But if Jesus were standing here today in the Flesh and bone…. in His blue jeans and Knicks tee shirt ( or Patriots’ jersey) He might say to MG…’put your money where your mouth is, My child.”
      Because, exactly twenty four hours after that grandiose quote on thedailylily.com, the CRISIS hit, big time! While I was fixing something to eat in the kitchen I suddenly heard hailstones at the window. But unfortunately they weren’t hail stones. .I did think it rather strange since it was about fifty degrees outside. But no…. no hailstones. A pipe in the master bath had burst and was gushing forth rivers of not-so living-but-very-wet waters. Quickly, the bathroom flooded going into the master bedroom and even more quickly it came through the chandelier fixture in the dining room below where just la week ago, the LILIES had been seated at the table in sweet fellowship at our Valentine prayer luncheon. Guess who was jealous! After the initial panic and crying out….”oh Lord what shall I do??” I called 911 and a lovely crew of volunteer fire fighters came to my rescue to the best of their ability, to whom I am ever grateful.
      But why had this happened (for the third time, LORD!!) and why at this time? I have some theories, as Sara and I discussed parts of the matter….and I will continue with what might seem an oxymoron but I think you will get the point…probably before I do..___to be contd.

  4. In my Bible study this morning by Beth Moore – Jesus the One and Only, it spoke about how Peter was turned over to be sifted by Satan after the last supper. (Reference: Mark 14: 27-31) NIV “Then Jesus said to them, “All of you will be made to stumble bcause of Me this night,” for it is written: ‘I will strike the Shepherd and the shieep will be scattered..’ But after I hav been raised. I will go before you to Galilee.” Peter said to Him. “Even if all are made to stumble, yet I will not be.” Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you that today, even this night before the rooster crows twice, you will deny Me three times.” But he spoke more vehemently, “If I have to die with You, I will not deny You!” An they all said likewise.

    Satan knew only the outside character and weakness of Peter (like the outside cover of a book) , but Jesus knew that Peter had a heart for God (God is the ONE who knows the inside heart of man). Jesus knew that Peter could deny Christ to others, but he could not deny Christ to himself. Christ knew Peter would come through the sifting with strength and humility. Beth Moore calls the new Peter “the revised addition with a new jacket.”

    I can only imagine the heartache of Peter as the rooster crowed the third time.
    Broken beyond measure, Peter was humbled. Tears running down his face and a calling out I’M SORRY!!! He knew from that day forward that he would never allow that to ever happen again. Crushed under foot with Satan laughing, Peter arose like the quote says determined to never face this history of himself again.
    Peter became determined to watch the wilds of the devil, the event Peter
    determined would NEVER happen again – only with his careful eye on the enemy and God giving him the knowledge of Satan’s traps.

    As Beth Moore puts it we are not unlike the disciples. We to are sifted. I wonder will we have a new and revised cover like Peter. I hope so.

  5. Mrs. Angelou posted on FB 2/21 at about 11:30 am
    Maya Angelou
    “Thank you for your prayers and concern. I was hospitalized for three days and released and am recuperating at home.”

    We do pray for her complete healing….

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