5 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. Linmania! I love it! Night and Day I love it!
    Emi Kolawole writes; “Lin is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Economics. Granted, economics is not engineering or computer science, but to earn an Economics degree from Harvard, you cannot be a slouch in math. While academically exclusive and highly competitive, Harvard is not known as a basketball school…”

    Hey team, out team leader, Chris, is an engineer and computer science…! Hey let’s cheer these STARS on! I sure don’t want to be a slouch cheerleader!

  2. How our lovely God knows how to raise up men and women who will give HIM the glory for their success, giftings and skills. if we do not praise the Lord the very stones and ROCK stars will cry out in praise. While we’re doing BOOM CHICKA BOOM (our old high school Blue Devils cheer) the spectacular athletes are giving honor, praise and glory to God. And just like HE is doing with Chris, these stars are shining brighter and brighter.

  3. I add my cheers for Lin and his example and inspiration! And kudos for Chris and his talent, creativity and outstanding example and abilities! Great!

  4. Speaking of where praise or kudos can belong….I love the Lily on our site. It is glorious and reminds me to praise our Lord, our own LILY OF THE VALLEY Who is all glorious and full of beauty and light…

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