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  1. I imagine that that is what happens when we suddenly see something from a different perspective..
    Maybe we have “always” looked @ certain situations or ‘usually’ anyway in a certain…habitual fashion. And suddenly someone shows us the situation in a new light that we had never considered before. And it give us pause. Or to quote Sherman, “a thinking moment”. Sara has given us quite a few of those in her prophetic teachings and Gary in his teachings on the Biblical perspective. Bur most of all, Jesus….Ah Jesus! He says, “look at things from MY perspective. View the situations and circumstances of your life through MY eyes.” When we truly strive to see things like Jesus sees them, it DOES give us a “THINKING MOMENT.” Thanks Sherman for the reminder.

  2. Sherman, Yes, I have had many; ‘thinking moments.’ Just a day ago Gary, my husband, gave a teaching from Romans 1 and Psalm 14, where the Psalmist wrote, “The fool says in his heart,
    β€œThere is no God.” vs. 1. Throughout the teaching Gary reminded us that it is possible to suppress the knowledge of God! And, Romans 1:18,19 “… wicked people suppress the truth by their wickedness. They know the truth about God because he has made it obvious to them.”

    Sherman responded; ‘this has given me a thinking moment.’ My thinking moment this morning is maybe I have been purposely having ‘senior moments’ so I would not have ‘thinking moments.’

  3. Yes, I have had “thinking moments.” I am involved in a local women’s Bible study. We are going through a study called, “The Call To Discipleship”, by Erilynne Barnum. Last week we covered scripture in Genesis 15, and scripture from other books, of the Bible. She pointed out that when we read a scripture, there are three levels of approaching it, for interpretation: 1)”Real – the account in its biblical context.” 2) “Prophetic – how does the account reveal God’s promise fulfilled in and through Jesus.” 3) “Universal – the overview from God’s perspective.” Sherman, I’d have to say that this was a “thinking moment” for me. πŸ™‚

    1. Hey, when I read Genesis 15 my thinking gets smoked! An old man told by God not to fear; and… “Don’t worry, … a son from your body will be your heir.” And, its called a covenant for me to share in, ie believe. Sounds like Santa to me. I am having a hard time praying, ie, believing for couples to have children that are able and willing to be parents.

      My ‘thinking moments’ go from smoked to chilling. Shame to say, but truth.

  4. I have ‘thinking moments’ when someone makes something clearer to me and/or I believe I understand a principle. Then I feel like I am accountable to put it into practice. Sometimes,at this point, it feels like it would have been easier to avoid a ‘thinking moment’ which for me usually means change… and change is work.

  5. Debi….so true. To have one’s eyes opened and confronted with “truth”. Then come the battle.
    Dialogue begins:
    Self: But I didn’t know that.
    Conscience: Now you do and you are accountable.
    Self: That’s not fair.!!! I was doing great till you came along with this perspective.
    Conscience: This is a blessing to know this truth
    Self: But I have so much to do, now. ALL this stuff that’s happened in the last few days!! Why do I have to deal with THIS??
    Conscience: U R NOT ALONE IN THIS. HOLY SPIRIT Who REALLY revealed this to you through a servant or leader or the Word….will guide you to all righteousness.
    SELF: BUT~~~~~~

      1. Of course. You are right to say to do it when the opportunity arises; It is like releasing the calf from the stall. But SOME of us would rather debate, procrastinate, deliberate and stagnate. What a shame.

  6. “debate, procrastinate, deliberate and stagnate”….so true MG…BUT here is my BUT…..at what point does the above become just plain ole disobedience? (kind of makes me think of Jonah)

  7. Yes TH.You are right to the point, well taken IT IS SIN. I think Sara & Gary taught about that Sunday…..no matter what we call it, or say we did not know, (Leviticus states that even if we did not KNOW it is a sin when we find out that it is a sin we are accountable.) Yikes…
    So to answer your question. It is a sin to begin with. I guess what you might ask is ….”at what point will we awaken and acknowledge (and repent) that ‘debate, procrastinate, deliberate and stagnate is a sin”


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