14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Blessed B-day, Tammy. Prayed for you yesterday (cuz I thought it was the 21st) and today because it is the 21st. So you have been prayed for twice as much. God bring you close to His heart, let you see through His eyes and use you greatly in His Kingdom work. God bless.

    1. Oh…thank you, MG….for praying for me, especially TWICE. (you know, I like things in TWOs! 🙂 MG, I lift you up to God, as well. Praying all is back to normal soon, in your home.

  2. Dear Tammy,

    Happy, Happy Birthday. you are such a special gift of the lord to the Body of Christ and His Kingdom. May this new birthday year bring great opportunities and divine fulfillment for the things that the Lord has called you to do for His Glory.
    Be blessed and remember that Jesus loves you and so do I.
    Brenda Russell

    1. Brenda, we agree on the beauty of our friend’s gift to the Body of Christ! Double agree on great opportunities and divine fulfillment for Tammy in her new year!

    2. Thank you, Brenda, and thanks for being a light and encouragement for Christ! God bless you, and thanks for visiting and blogging on thedailylily. I look forward to seeing you blog again! 🙂

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