A Lily stood straight and tall in a small garden patch viewed by the window of the world

The great I AM, the Lord God had dressed her for the occasion with an orange fragile blossom that when fully unfolded delighted everyone who passed by

Though its life was to be short lived on Earth, the Lily knew why she was created. Her MAJOR purpose was to exhibit God’s beauty of HIS SON, which the Lily was to pour forth from her heart to the world each day

And another purpose was to pray with folded petals to God for the world’s people and those around the Lily.

The Lily also raised its head in praise each day to the great I AM, the Lord God almighty for all He had done and would do that day in the life of the Lily and those whom she kept close to her Heart.

Each day the Lily waits in the morning light for the sun to rise. Before it unfurls in the warmth of the Son’s embrace. Raising its head over the darkness of life Raising its head to show not all is darkness. She intends to shine as a light to the world. A Lily that need not check its appearance, Nor turn nor twist with worries galore For the Lord God has fully equipped this Lily. As He stands by her side this day and every day of her life, Holding her up with each ensuing storm of life. For the Lily is a light to others. Shining Lily of the Lord, shine! is the whisper of the Lord God, the great I AM.

The Lily does just that Shining for Jesus the Son, oh how she shines!