7 thoughts on “Sara, Parker Homecoming

  1. Oh what wonderful group to enjoy and be apart of the Praise and Worship. I bet the glory of the LORD Fell on the HOUSE! You look like you really let your LIGHT for the LORD shine forth also.

    1. It sounds like it was a wonderful concert and what a blessing to be a part of the healing service. Thank the Lord for you being able to celebrate your year of cancer free and to post the beautiful photo for us to celebrate with!
      Thanks for sharing Sherrie’s book info also…may the Lord bless many with her writings.

  2. Celebrating with the “cloud of witnesses” that are still on earth is a little bit of Heaven. What a wonderful experience!! Just a glimpse into the glory of the Household of Faith and the Communion of saints.
    We rejoice with you on what the Lord has done in your life concerning the healing of cancer, the anointing on your life, the ‘prophet’ gifting and the gifts of leadership and administration. Joy unspeakable and full of glory! And we look with expectancy to what HE is doing in your lives, not only now but in the near future and for the ages to come.

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