Spring Plant Sale

Spring Plant Sale

Deborah Chaves ready for Spring Plant Sale. Monroe Technology Center, Leesburg, Va. Call 571-252-2080 for more information
April, Wednesday, 25th- Friday, 27th.
April 25 10 am to 8 pm
26 10 to 7
27 10 to 6

11 thoughts on “Spring Plant Sale

  1. I can’t wait to come. I look forward every year to Monroe Technologies Plant Sale. The students do such a fine job, it’s hard to beat the price and quality of the plants.
    The students are so helpful in helping you find just the right selection and loading up purchases. You can select from flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables/fruit bushes. What a wonderful experience and you get to enjoy the really healthy plants all through the summer. Some of the moneys go for scholarships for these horticultural students. How wonderful for all!

  2. Debi,
    I sure wished I lived close enough to come! I know the flowers and plants are beautiful, as always! 🙂 (thanks for the sneak peek of them, in the above photo!)

  3. A celebration of beauty, beautifully displayed and abundant in selection. Each season is a delight where I get my wreaths and Poinsettias, my gorgeous, pansies, herbs, bulbs, house plants, cut flowers and gifts for friends. I wish the best of success to Debi, an excellent instructor/teacher/facilitator/merchaniser and her savvy students whom she grooms each year for these delightful encounters: MONROE TECH PLANT SALES. A most unique enterprise.

  4. I heard the show is absolutely gorgeous. Better get there early to get the best before all the beauty disappears. My daughter-in-law told me that one year she and her Mom went and that people were taking their plants off their cart when they turned their heads. Three day sale of the best plants in the country. Price is right and the benefits from sale goes to help students go to college. Can’t get any better.

  5. Thanks for such great press Sara!
    And a big thank you to Chris and Tammy for ‘previewing’ the sale and for Chris taking photos. They are always such great promoters!
    And for the comments of all above who support the sale in body or in thought. We have lots of plants and hope to have something to please and bring joy to everyone.
    We had several of last year’s students, who benefitted from scholarships from sale proceeds, return to visit MTC to share their appreciation and successes in college this year.

  6. Meant to mention that Debi is also a musician; singer & guitar player and writes her own songs. Her album will be selling at the Plant Sale. Many of Debi’s songs are about plants and flowers and the glories of God’s creation and His love for mankind. Great for gift giving, too.

  7. The Plant Sale at Monroe Tech was great. I found some glorious potted blooms and what I loved especially were the little pots of Basil, fragrant and lovely that will make precious little gifts for some special people. The varieties were grand and the Debi’s students well trained in accommodating the clients with wrapping, potting and hauling pots of lovelies to the car.
    Thanks, Debi. A job remarkably done. Leesburg is blessed to have your horticultural dept. at Monroe Tech to help beautify our city and its environs.

  8. Thanks to all who have come and supported the sale! Stop by Friday to all who are in the area as there are still many beautiful plants to choose from.

    1. Congratulations Debi and students and volunteers along with a great school for community serving and giving. Whoa, that’s really living life! Being a Light!

  9. Thank you Sara. The sale went well and we plan on opening during school hours this Monday and Wednesday as still a nice selection of veggies, trees,fish, shrubs and flowers left. Will report back on scholarships when all is tallied.

    1. Reporting back: the sale has been a great success thanks to all the supporters! We will be able to give several thousand in scholarships to Agriculture Department students at the June 5 commencement.

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