7 thoughts on “MG and Polly

  1. This is Teacher Appreciation Week in Fairfax County and our students, administration and community have gone all out to demonstrate their gratitude to the teachers of their beloved children in our great school. My school prayer partner, Library asst. Polly, and I are most grateful for the opportunity to touch children’s lives and to be able to pray for our students and the staff asking God to watch over our children and school community. Bonnie Brae is a “happy place” where the children feel secure and know that they are loved and cared about; that the teachers work to impact their lives for the betterment of their future with security, skills and opportunities of the ‘now’, during this important time of development in receiving their education.
    “Bonnie Brae” loosely translated from Scottish tongue means Happy Place.
    When we opened Bonnie Brae I wrote the school song for our gorgeous new facility almost twenty five years ago. We still sing it almost every day.
    O, here’s to bonnie Bonnie Brae, Bonnie Brae
    Her halls and walls stand firm firm and strong
    Her students bravely play
    With hearts that are always filled with song

    At Bonnie Brae we find the way, find the way
    ‘Tis here we learn to run the race, run the race
    Face the challenge of each day
    To make our school a HAPPY PLACE! (c) mgh

  2. Two beautiful women! Love the school and love the school song. Now what about the mascot that I also love. Bravo to Bonnie Brae for recognizing “Teacher Appreciation Week’ in a swinging, jubilant, and festive way.

    I heard some good news about appreciation for teachers in Loudoun County as well. Hope around our Nation parents and all involved will stand and applaud our teachers.

  3. Wonderful to see and know that Christians like Polly and MG help make Bonnie Brae that ‘Happy Place’ with their prayers, work and support. I sure felt welcomed and happy to visit on a recent Career Day and meet many gracious staff members and terrific Bonnie Brae students!

  4. Thanks for the kudos, all. We are blessed with our ability to work in the school systems of Virginia. where,[ incidentally], I just heard that several of our high schools received top marks nationally for excellence. Our gratefulness begins with thanksgiving to a loving God Whose plan graciously allows us be a part of the instruction of His little ones.
    BTW Debi was a big hit at Bonnie Brae’s Career Day with Horticultural presentations and songs played on her guitar. They especially loved “IS THERE A FISH IN YOUR POND?”

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