By MG Henry
I read by mistake, or so it had seemed at the time, a Scripture this morning which touched , actually shook up my heart, exceedingly. Actually I was looking up another Scripture and mistakenly read the wrong Psalm, right verse. Although this Scripture did not seem to jive with the reference I was seeking….it spoke volumes to me and stopped me in my tracks..
You can imagine my great interest during the teaching part of our service when our Bible teacher, Gary, started leading us through 1 John and describing what “walking in the Light as Jesus is in the Light” might look like. He spoke of our ‘walk’ consisting of how we conduct ourselves, the way we regulate and discipline our lives and the way we progress and use the opportunities the Lord presents to us to see and become more and more like Christ. The Light shines on our darkness and exposes it. Then we have the opportunity to change that behavior or…..continue in it until it becomes very dark in our lives.
He made another surprising comment. If we have stumbled into the darkness and are regretful, asking God to forgive our sin, we really haven’t repented until we CHANGE OUR BEHAVIOR….not do that again and BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY.But I still haven’t told you my Scripture because after Gary’s dissertation on walking in the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ and conducting our lives accordingly, Sara brought to the LIGHT a clarity that one must either accept or reject. There is NO middle ground. If we reject it, we are in denial and we lie. John wrote that in 1 John 1. If we accept what she said we will have to do something about it.
Sara taught that we, each of us, have an AGENDA. Everyone of us living on the face of the earth has a deep seated, deeply motivating force in our hearts (souls). Whatever that AGENDA is we will conduct our lives in such a way to bring forth the ‘fruit’ of that , against all odds. Some of the fruit may be nourishing or some may be rotten depending on what our agenda truly is. And so when we discover by walking in the Light that Gary taught about, that our AGENDA is ungodly because the Light of Christ’s countenance and as His Word reveal it to us, then we have the godly and moral responsibility to change our agendas or we can never change the fruit that will result in insisting that every action, every word, every thought and desire/design will cater to that Agenda to prove it right, even when it is not righteous.

What is the solution to this enigma? How did we get these particular agendas? Perhaps they are generational; or from a scarred youth; or as a way of manipulating other people from an early age; or how certain cultures mold habits and thoughts. But whatever the source it is a forceful power to be reckoned with. First needed is a sincere desire to change one’s way of thinking and being, really. Not wanting to “hang on and pet” that nasty creature that inhibits our relationship with Jesus. Jesus Christ did the faultless work on the cross to deliver us from these conditions of our hearts. And Gary said we must NOT live our lives being ‘alluded to’ as being a Christian….that is, broadly being regarded as such but without genuine proof because our Agendas are not Christ’s perfect plan for our lives not indicative of a transformed life.
So, my take on this is that I will employ the WORD OF LIGHT AND INSTRUCTION, the WORD of GOD to determine the true motives of my heart and cease and desist in this operation of making my Agenda’s rotten-fruit dreams come true…like a self-fulfilling prophecy. For our ungodly agendas, though hidden deeply in our hearts identify themselves by their (rotten) fruit.
So what is my Scripture that has the liberating task of helping me through this transformation of renewing my mind and my heart? It is Psalm 16:7 …”
I will bless the LORD, who has given me counsel: my heart also instructs me in the night seasons.” Or more explanatory, “  I will praise the LORD, who advises me. My conscience warns me at night. I will listen to the counsels of the Lord and my earthly counselors and allow my heart whereof the Holy Spirit indwells to convict me of my sins and allow my conscience instructed by the HIM to work through the changes that need to come to be able to walk in the Light as He is in the Light so that blood of Jesus cleanses me from all unrighteousness.