9 thoughts on “Full of Joy

  1. This scripture says to me what a gift a day is from the Lord, to be received thankfully and to be used productively for Him.

  2. This scripture makes me aware that I have received in invitation and I need to respond daily and with every thought!!!! With all God’s beauty shining around I, at times, block it out with a stupid thought and action. Have you ever taken time to read a so called news story or TV chat and wonder what in the world did I watch or read that for? What is it going to do for me today or more importantly; what can I do for it? Or, listen to another’s chatter only to realize what does that have to do with anything except just that; chatter.

    Look unto the hills from where your help comes from and that is from The Lord! My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121…Again, an invite but needs a response of yes, I will, to make the marital unity a bliss.

    1. Sara,
      Your comment here makes me remember a song I sang, as a child, in church. “Oh be careful little ears what you hear, Oh be careful little eyes what you see, etc… For the Father up above is looking down with love, so be careful little………”

  3. Thanks Tammy, for the reminder with song! I, likewise, sang that as a child and as an adult and taught it to many children. F grade for me all to often. I had a Christian friend tell me they attended a adult Birthday dinner with a group of work/church friends recently only to hear about novels for their summer reading that would make even a grown woman blush. They thought it so funny and erotic to tell silly stories about their reads. I had heard of the nameless books but thought best to ignore such things. But, I thought after hearing third, fourth party talk I would read the reviews. Even they gave it a 1 out of 5 and called it teenage thoughts. Grown, older women, wives, mothers, teachers and other career oriented women making their girls night out sound like a free for all hoot.

    I guess I was a little more shocked that my friend who is somewhat living the real after life of the sounds of the book didn’t find a way to share her life story. She showed them her emotion of disapproval and left feeling terrible. I think it’s time we take the floor with our story and let them leave feeling Hope in Jesus!

    1. “F grade for me all to often”….and for me too, Sara. It’s one thing to sing that little song, but it’s a whole “‘nother’ exam/test” to live what it says. Yes, it is “time we take the floor with our story and let them leave feeling Hope in Jesus!” The Bible tells us that the tongue has the power of life and death. Oh Lord, help us to be found guilty of speaking life to others, so that all the glory may be Yours.

  4. I believe that we had better rejoice and be glad in this day.[age] for God has made us to be on the earth in this “day” this season, this era, this age because we are to fulfill His plan and purpose for our existence and His will. So, this is the DAY we have to do that. Each day we are alive is special. This is the day to tell other people about Jesus. This is the day to speak of Him in the market places. This is the day that He has made especially for that reason. This is the day to feed the poor, help the disadvantaged, clothe the needy. Am I doing it? Occasionally. But sadly, I fail miserably most DAYS. And as the DAY slips by I look at the REPORT CARD on my soul chart. “F”
    I join T.H. in her prayer to be “found guilty of speaking life to others so that all the glory maybe YOURS.”

  5. Look outside and see all the things God created with His Word and breath…and you will sing for Joy MG….then you will act and get an A! Go for it!

  6. Another testimony that I listened to by a Pastor in Pennsylvania who has been to Heaven numerous times spoke of “works”. The Good Works by which we will be judged are done here on earth and for which Jesus grants us His great and gracious rewards. His rewards are with Him and He desires to confer on us the glorious rewards of the Kingdom for excellent works done here on earth. And telling others about Jesus, telling others our story, our testimony is one way to earn rewards from the King of kings.
    The pastor admonished us gently that this is our only opportunity to assure that we will not end up in Heaven without any rewards for our lives lived here on earth. They cannot be gained in Heaven, he said. Only on earth do we have that chance to do good works that please the Father and delight Jesus.

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