Look at Creativity;

By: Debi Chaves

Leesburg, Va

Isn’t this a beautiful bracelet? I just received it from my friend, Rena, who recently moved to New Orleans for my Birthday. She was the first to order from a new SpreeWorks Store, PZW Design; PZW Design.  Chris Mar with Spree Commerce and SpreeWorks recommended.  I just LOVE my new bracelet. It is classy and comfortable and I believe you would be pleased with your purchase also. So check out the innovative designs and have a happy time shopping!

Also, if you are looking for an online store to sell your products check out Spree……It is such an easy site to use for a buyer.

Also, I got a great card with gift from TM and C. T. cleverly handcrafted the card with a beautiful photo of my two dogs and incorporated a necklace into the design with my initial D. How cool!

So wonderful to see and enjoy creativity and talent. Hey, let’s all support small business women and give one another support.


9 thoughts on “Look at Creativity;

  1. Debi,

    The bracelet looks beautiful. God has certainly given this young woman a beautiful talent. We are lucky to be able to tell how she got started. We will have one of first designs created in the many that will come from her hand. Yeah!!!!!

  2. The bracelet is certainly very chic and Debi, you wear it well. Good job Rena! I went to look and was bedazzled by the glorious original creations I saw. But one stood out in my eyes [besides the one Debi is sporting 🙂 ] and I am anxiously awaiting its arrival at my door. Betcha ya’ can’t guess which one it is. I ‘ll
    give you a hint. It’s on http://pzwdesign.com/

  3. Based on info from Sara, I did order beads from here and was pleased with their beauty, the ease of ordering, prompt delivery and follow through emails.

  4. http://pzwdesign.com/ I just got a beautiful custom made bracelet from my friend, Rena, as a gift from this great online store. It is perfect. Size, style and color. Thank you Artist and Rena for giving.

    Also, love the idea of online store. How many times in the past have many of us wished we had a little shoppe for our art and overhead prevented it. Now look, Spree has made this possible for us.

    Hey, Christmas is coming soon. I am trying to withhold my personal ordering since holidays are on their way. But, time to order for gifts.

    Love how we can shop online from unique online boutiques. Enjoy! And, tell about it here!

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