ImageSara’s Morning fragrant Notes:

As I enjoyed my morning stroll down this page,  Lily Lane,  I saw Hope and Joy bursting forth like a summer bulb showing its beauty. As I arranged my thoughts together like a floral bouquet I thought how to adorn my arrangement? A Balloon, of course! One of my favorite things. Yes, a red balloon for LOVE!

A balloon, colorful and expandable. You can blow your very breath upon it with pride, watch it wave in the wind, bounce for joy and greet all that see it. Without proper care it can blow away in the wind. O, and so sad, it can inflate and never return when not given genuine love in return.
Let’s talk about Love! Do you see it, feel it, experience it? Does it hide? What language does it speak? Where do I find it? Have you seen it? Oh, does it glow with iridescent colors changing your eye color?
Yes, O yes, let’s talk about love that connects to Joy and Hope on Lily Lane!